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Letterpress Save the Dates Looking Classic + Chic

Thanks go out to our friends at Papier Girl in Glen Ellyn, Illinois for submitting these sophisticated save the dates for us to print.  This set is complete with an offset back pattern in midnight and a snazzy envelope lining in mulberry.  We love that an oversized font is used for the couple’s names, which helps to captivate the guest’s attention.

ink: midnight | fonts: smock plaza calligraphy font + cranbrook | paper: 2-ply ivory | size: S6 | corner rounding | edge painting in mulberry | back pattern: the everett pattern in midnight offset | liner: the geneva pattern in mulberry | printing: letterpress + offset | customization #: 15879 |

Elegant letterpress save the dates with calligraphy fonts

The inspiration behind Stella – an exclusive calligraphy font from Smock

Here at Smock, we’ve developed six exclusive calligraphy fonts based on the actual penmanship of master calligraphers. New for the 2013 wedding season are two brand new calligraphy fonts: the Smock Stella and the Smock Plaza. Last week, we gave a behind-the-scenes look at Sarah Hanna’s inspiration for the Smock Plaza, and today we’re sharing Kelle Ann McCarter’s inspiration for the Smock Stella font.

How did you develop the Stella Hand for Smock?
I spend much time developing new styles of calligraphy and experimenting with different types of calligraphy nibs. I normally think of a character or personality and then try to translate it to the lettering. In “Stella”, I envisioned the French American stage and movie actress Claudette Colbert. I wanted her to be strong, quirky, independent, playful- perhaps with a touch of mysterious contradiction; one who has self-possession and is comfortable in any setting; understated without excessive flourish.

Kelle McCarter creates a swirly and fun calligraphy font for smock

The inspiration behind Stella:
I purchased some vintage straight pins and the packaging design in which they were enclosed showed a lovely lettering- dainty and spritely. I was smitten with the movement and simplicity of the strokes. I knew I wanted to create something in this vein which is different from my other calligraphy styles.

Stella is inspired by vintage details, and Claudette Colbert

(sources from left to right: decor | Claudette Colbert | clutch and jewels | dress | cake )

What kind of weddings do you picture this font used for?
Since “Stella” was conceived to be a well-rounded lady, she can be used in any wedding – from modern to vintage to formal. For example, in the current issue of Brides Magazine, “Stella” in foil stamping is shown as a perfect pairing for a black-tie soiree.

Stella by Kelle McCarter is a calligraphy font with personality

Visit a Smock dealer today to see the Smock Stella font (and all of our other fonts) in person and get started on your next custom order!

The inspiration behind Plaza – an exclusive calligraphy font from Smock

Did you know that Smock offers six exclusive calligraphy fonts? These very special fonts are based on the actual penmanship of master calligraphers. Two of these exclusive calligraphy fonts were introduced for the 2013 wedding season: the Smock Plaza and the Smock Stella. Today we’re going behind the scenes with Sarah Hanna, the talented calligrapher who carefully crafted the elegant Smock Plaza font.

How did you develop the Plaza Hand for Smock?
I have rather classical calligraphy style and training. To design Plaza, I combined that traditional precision with a little va-va-voom. Elegant does not have to mean stuffy. There is a comfortable luxury in the Plaza font that says, “Honey, get out that cocktail dress made of peacock feathers. This celebration is going to be fabulous!”

Smock offers calligraphy fonts

The inspiration behind Plaza:
Italian fashion, the southern coast of France, harvest time in Northern California. A love letter in another language. Perfect oysters right out of the ocean. Plaza is made up of the little joys that make celebrating an art. Smock owners Debbie and Harold’s son came up with the name ‘Plaza’….I love this for two reasons: (1) He is 4 years old and the word ‘Plaza’ is in his vocabulary. Divine. (2) Eloise (the children’s book character who lives at the Plaza Hotel in NYC) has been a life-long hero of mine – so you can add ‘room service’ to the list of things that make life delicious.
A real wedding shoot from a bride that worked with Sarah Hanna
(Wedding courtesy of Vedia & Vladimir Eidelman | Photography by: Tim Ryan Smith)
What kind of weddings do you picture this font used for?
The bride that selects the Plaza font will have a wedding that, while polished and poised, will be abundant with meaning and personality. She will incorporate family heirlooms and go to great lengths to make each guest feel honored. Hand-written notes in the welcome bags…using a family recipe for part of the wedding menu…creative events like a rehearsal dinner softball game when the groom is a baseball player or a sunset croquet welcome party in the South will abound. The wedding could be on the beach in her hometown or at a private resort tucked into a beautiful, natural setting. It could be city chic with splashes of color or in an exotic destination. Regardless of the setting, it will be an epic celebration of great taste!

Plaza is a calligraphy font created by Sarah Hanna

In love with the Smock Plaza font? Visit a Smock dealer today to take a look at our albums and get started on your next custom order!

Letterpress Fitzroy Wedding Invitations in Navy Ink

Our Fitzroy design looks rather fabulous printed in one color navy letterpress – and with all of the text in our plaza calligraphy font these text based invitations submitted by Aileen Invitations have a traditional look.  The invitations and reply cards are complete with corner rounding, which showcases the most gracious curves.  The edges of the cards are painted in navy and a solid envelope liner in navy completes this look perfectly.

ink: navy | font: smock plaza calligraphy font | paper: 2-ply white | printing: letterpress | edge paint in navy | corner rounding | offset liner: the sinclair pattern in navy | invite size: S8 | customization #: 15918 |

Fitzroy is customized in our striking navy letterpress ink

Dance the Night Away…Walsh Letterpress Birthday Invitations

What a wonderful Walsh letterpress birthday invitation we received from Arabesque. This wedding suite came complete with one of our custom hang tags. It is completed perfectly with our metallic platinum liners. We love it!

inks: sea mist + moss | fonts: smock spencerian + carrington stripes + engravers | paper: 2-ply white  + 1-ply white | printing: letterpress + offset | metallic liner: metallic platinum | invite size: S8SQ Folio | customization #: 13500 | edge paint in silver metallic | customization #: 13500 |

This nautical birthday invitation features both letterpress and offset printing


Smock’s 2012 National Stationery Show Invitations: Foil Stamping, New Calligraphy Fonts & New Designs Arrive!

It’s official: foil stamping has arrived at Smock! Today we’re sharing a special sneak peek of the letterpress invitations we printed for the 2012 National Stationery Show, and we think you’ll love the new additions we’re bringing to the line. We’re adding two gorgeous new fonts to our collection of exclusive Smock calligraphy fonts, and these invitations feature both of those new fonts! Plaza is an elegant, formal script based on Sarah Hanna‘s calligraphy, and Stella (based on a Kelle McCarter hand) has a more playful, whimsical feel. The invitations are just a hint at what’s new: besides foil stamping and new calligraphy fonts, we’re also introducing four inspired new wedding suites, 12 dazzling colors for foil stamping, 100% recycled coasters, and lots of cool new products for our Everyday line (including 6 new styles of double-sided gift wrap, new notebook styles, more man-friendly stationery, and much, much more!).  A special thanks to master calligrapher Debi Zeinert from The Blooming Quill for addressing the invitation envelopes – aren’t they gorgeous!? Smock's 2012 National Stationery Show invitation - complete with foil stamping and hand calligraphed envelopes Smock's 2012 National Stationery Show invitation - complete with foil stamping and hand calligraphed envelopes Smock's 2012 National Stationery Show invitation - complete with foil stamping and hand calligraphed envelopes Smock's 2012 National Stationery Show invitation - complete with foil stamping and hand calligraphed envelopes Smock's 2012 National Stationery Show invitation - complete with foil stamping and hand calligraphed envelopes Smock's 2012 National Stationery Show invitation - complete with foil stamping and hand calligraphed envelopes Foil stamping will be available at Smock dealers in early June, so stay tuned!

Early December Wedding Celebration!

We’re overjoyed to share these recently printed Lashar wedding invitations submitted to us by our friend, Linda at Pen & Paper in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania.  What better color combination is there than mulberry and gold for a wedding celebration in December?  When guests open up the pocketfold they will see the most incredible wash of mulberry and we think this is where the set is most romantic.  Around here we LOVE December weddings and the colors that come with the holiday season.

inks: mulberry + gold | fonts: cooper + smock clermont | paper: 1-ply ivory | printing: letterpress |folio exterior: marav pattern in gold | folio interior: sinclair pattern in mulberry| invite size: 5.125 x 7.75

holiday theme letterpress wedding invitation


Lashar Wedding Letterpress Invitations- Fall Inspiring Color

Although it seems we have just kicked off the summer season, it’s time to start looking ahead to fall weddings that are only around the corner! What about fall inspires you — maybe it’s the foliage or the the cool nights or the feeling of change? One of the things we have been seeing a lot of lately is lots of jewel tones paired with light vintage colors and classic themes, these are all great inspirations for a lovely autumn wedding! We love this pairing of our Eggplant and Antique Gold inks letterpress printed in the Lashar wedding invitation design, submitted by our friends at Inklinations in Manhasset, NY.

inks: eggplant + antique gold | fonts: clermont calligraphy font + cooper | paper: ivory 2-ply bamboo | printing: letterpress

by Racheal Decker, In-house Designer.

Inspired New Letterpress Social Stationery from Smock

Rounding out all of our exciting new releases, we’re happy to introduce our inspired new letterpress social stationery designs, available now at your local Smock dealer. Perfect for letterpress baby announcements, bar and bat mitzvah invitations and save the dates, our latest designs showcase fabulous colors, bold patterns, our exclusive calligraphy fonts, and can even be designed to fit a wallet size photo. Looking for truly inspired letterpress baby announcements, invitations, moving announcements, or calling cards? We’ve got you covered.

Custom Letterpress Holiday Cards from Smock

For those of you in warmer climates, it may still feel like summer in your neck of the woods, but here in Upstate NY fall has arrived and shows no plans of leaving. Which, of course, gets us thinking about falling leaves, fresh apple cider and all of the pretty custom letterpress holiday cards we will soon be printing. Believe it or not, it’s never too early to start planning for your holiday cards, which is why we’ve sent all of our Smock dealers a ton of fresh inspiration for beautiful custom letterpress holiday cards sure to wow your friends and family.

Our new calligraphy fonts and ink colors are perfect for the holidays! Mix and match them with your favorite embellishments (patterned backing, envelope liners, edge painting, calligraphy accents, monograms, corner rounding + more) for a truly custom and unique look.

We love the combination of letterpress and a great family photo! These letterpress holiday cards hold a wallet sized photo that your family and friends are sure to treasure.

We also love holiday cards in our new square shape! This size is perfect for the holidays, cute save the dates, baby announcements and so much more.

With tons of embellishment, ink color, font and motif choices from our Social Occasions album, the possibilities are endless! For all of the latest holiday inspiration from Smock, visit your local Smock dealer and check out more great custom letterpress holiday cards previously featured on our blog.

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