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Become a Smock dealer

Becoming a Dealer

Sell our everyday line.

Thanks for your interest in carrying Smock! For initial wholesale orders, please send a copy of your valid resale certificate to or fax to 315.473.0967. In response, we’ll send you our catalog and information about reps near you.

Become a custom dealer.

Our dealers are critical to our success. We sell our custom work through our beloved store network because we want prospective clients to experience our products first hand, guided by those who know our line as well as we do.

Our latest set of wedding albums (VolumesĀ  4 and 5), released in 2013, showcase 14 suites and feature all of our printing methods: letterpress, foil stamping, blind embossing, and digital printing. We also have a Mitzvah album released in 2014. Our designs are completely and utterly customizable – colors, fonts, orientation, size, you name it. You can see these designs, as well as some of our “tried and true” on our designs page. The wedding albums, design library, a box of samples, and marketing tools cost $500. The Mitzvah album also comes with a design library, box of samples, and marketing tools, and costs $400. After a brief orientation with our staff, you will receive a $100 voucher towards your first order.

For more information about the line, contact us by phone at 800.594.9845 or by email at If you are ready to proceed, fill out our dealer application. There are many factors that go into our new dealership decisions, including area saturation and store fit. Please take the time to fill out the application in full, giving as much information as possible about you and your store.