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Elegant Floral Wedding Invitations featuring our Keira design

Jacquelyn and Ross customized our Keira design for their late summer wedding at the Cheekwood Botanical Gardens. We printed reply cards and website cards to match their elegant floral wedding invitations, which feature letterpress printing in dove ink and our popular tawny matte foil.

Elegant wedding invitations with foil + letterpress printing from SmockElegant wedding invitations with foil + letterpress printing from Smock Elegant wedding invitations with foil + letterpress printing from Smock

letterpress ink: dove |  foil color: tawny matte | fonts:Jules + Lazlo | paper: 2-ply + 1-ply white | size: S-8 + S-5 + S-3 | envelope liners: sinclair pattern in dove | customization #23682 | Landis Stationery & Gifts 

Custom Rustic Wedding Invitations + Hand-drawn map

We worked with Ashlee at Union Street Papery to create Katharine and Christopher’s rustic wedding invitations for their October nuptials. Letterpress printed in midnight ink, the invitations feature beautiful hand calligraphy, a custom monogram, and gold matte foil accents. We also printed a gorgeous hand-drawn map to accompany the set, which highlighted the area and included the couple’s wedding website.

Elegant yet rustic custom wedding invitations from SmockElegant yet rustic custom wedding invitations from Smock  Elegant yet rustic custom wedding invitation maps from Smock

letterpress ink: midnight  | foil color: gold matte | artwork: custom submitted | paper: 1-ply + 2-ply ivory | size: S-8 + S-6 + S-5 |  envelope liners: mondsee pattern in gold | customization #: 24374 | Union Street Papery 

Oversized Monogram Wedding Invitations

We customized our Finley Bat Mitzvah design to create Marielena and Rick’s monogram wedding invitations. Letterpress printed in taupe ink, the invitations feature an elegant, oversized monogram in gold matte foil. Reply cards, website cards, and personalized social notes were also printed to match the set.

Custom gold foil Finley wedding invitations from Smock Custom gold foil Finley wedding invitations from Smock Custom gold foil Finley wedding stationery from Smock

letterpress ink: taupe |  foil color: gold matte | fonts: durham + worthington | paper: 3-ply + 1-ply ivory | size: S-8+ S-5 + S-3 + S-5F | envelope liners: metallic gold | foil edge: gold matte | customization #25638 | Village Invites

Gold + plum letterpress wedding invitations with Rainier patterned envelope liners

Letterpress printed in plum ink, Alexis and Sergio’s Barnesly invitations featured gold foil accents and our exclusive Ruby calligraphy font by Molly Jacques. An informational ‘particulars’ card was included with the set to share details regarding travel and accommodations. Rainier patterned envelope liners in plum, navy and lavender inks made for a memorable statement on these elegant letterpress wedding invitations.

Custom plum + gold foil Barnesly wedding invitations from SmockCustom plum + gold foil Barnesly wedding invitations from Smock  Custom plum + gold foil Barnesly wedding invitations from Smock

letterpress ink: plum |  foil color: gold matte | fonts: Smock Ruby + Covington | paper: 2-ply + 1-ply white | size: S-8+ S-6SQ + S-5SQ | envelope liners: Rainier pattern in plum + lavender + navy | customization #24413 | If It’s Paper

Striking black Fitzroy invitations with vintage floral prints

Sara and Richard created a jaw-dropping customization of our Fitzroy invitation design for their December wedding in Palos Verdes. The couple worked with Melody at Urbanic to customize the design, which included a full flood of digitally printed black ink and bits of our anemone vintage print pattern. After we digitally printed the invitations and insert cards, we added tawny matte foil stamping in our Plaza calligraphy font. The vintage anemone print pattern was included on the envelope liners as well, tying the entire set together. Pretty gorgeous, huh?

Stunning black invitations with tawny foil + bold florals from Smock Stunning black invitations with tawny foil + bold florals from Smock Stunning black invitations with tawny foil + bold florals from Smock

letterpress ink: black |  foil color: tawny matte | digital printing: CMYK process | font: smock plaza | paper: 1-ply white | size: S-8 + S-5 | envelope liners: anemone vintage print | customization #25300 | Urbanic Paper Boutique

Elegant Gray Wedding Invitations

Mollie and William customized our Palmes design for their June wedding by pairing dove and silver inks with our elegant tawny matte foil. Their wedding invitations featured all three colors on the front and our Everett pattern in dove ink on the back. An Oxford patterned envelope liner in silver ink added a nice contrast to the soft  color palette, and the patterns from the invitation were also shown on the reply cards and website cards to tie everything together.

Palmes letterpress wedding invitations from Smock in shades of gray

letterpress inks: dove + silver |  foil: tawny matte | fonts: smock ruby + cranbrook | paper: 2-ply white | size: S-8 + S-5 + S-3| envelope liners: oxford pattern in silver ink | rounded corners | customization #: 21458 | Judy Paulen Designs

Seersucker inspired letterpress wedding invitations

We worked with Buchanan Ink to create this preppy take on our Emory invitation, which features our Smock Spencerian calligraphy font and gold matte foil stamping. Navy stripes in our Sherbrooke pattern help transform this deco design into a more traditional  invitation — perfect for a Southern plantation wedding.

Nautical custom Emory letterpress wedding invitations from Smock

letterpress ink: navy | foil: gold matte | fonts: smock spencerian + cooper | paper: 1-ply white | sizes: s-8 + s-5 | customization #: 21629 |  Buchanan Ink

Romantic Rose Gold Wedding Invitations

These pretty rose gold wedding invitations draw on design elements from our classic Everest and Altar invitation suites. The invitations feature our Chesapeake die-cut shape and a custom monogram, while an Altar patterned envelope liner in jute adds a romantic touch. Coordinating reply cards and reception cards printed in jute ink complete the set.

Elegant rose gold wedding invitations from Smock

letterpress ink: jute | foil: rose gold shine | fonts: smock plaza + chaplin | paper: 2-ply white | sizes: s-8 for double envelopes + s-5 | die cut: chesapeake | envelope liner: altar pattern in jute ink | customization #: 21382 | JCG Events

Classic Fitzroy Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Simple and chic, our Fitzroy design is a perfect choice for an elegant, black tie wedding. Allison and Steven chose our classic black ink on ivory paper for their letterpress wedding invitations, which feature Plaza, one of our exclusive calligraphy fonts. Our Fitzroy pattern was used for the envelope liners and tied everything together in the most sophisticated way.

Classic black & white Fitzroy letterpress invitations from Smock

letterpress ink: black | fonts: smock plaza | paper: 1 + 2-ply ivory bamboo | printing: letterpress | sizes: S-8 + S-5 | customization #: 21557 | It’s a Gift Paper Studio 

Playful Odin Wedding Invitations with Shiny Chevron Foil Stamping

This customization of our Odin design is one of our absolute favorites.  We worked with Papier Girl to create these playful wedding invitations, which pair our orchid letterpress ink with silver shine foil stamping and Stella, one of our exclusive calligraphy fonts. Our bubbly Odin motif was used on the invitations and the coordinating reply cards and events card. The best part? The backside of the events card features the most amazing silver shine chevron patterning and a giant monogram!

Odin letterpress + foil stamped wedding invitations

letterpress ink: orchid | foil: silver shine | fonts: smock stella + kipling | paper: 1 + 2-ply white bamboo | printing: letterpress + foil | sizes: S-8 SQ+ S-6SQ + S-5 | customization #: 18693 | Papier Girl 

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