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Elegant Foil Stamped Wedding Invitations featuring our Palmes Design

Today we’re thrilled to share the photos of Lauren & Jonathan’s custom Palmes wedding invitations! Lauren is a style editor for BizBash and worked with AaB Creates for her custom wedding invitations, which featured gold shine foil stamping and letterpress printing in our mulberry ink. Lauren worked with Little Flower Calligraphy & Gifts for the beautiful hand calligraphy on her envelopes, and she even ordered custom postage to match the invitation design! Many thanks to  Lauren for sharing these photos that her photographer, Jonathan Young, captured on her big day!

Letterpress and foil stamped wedding invitations from Smock

Letterpress wedding invitation envelopes with custom stamps and hand calligraphy addressing

Photography courtesy of  Jonathan Young Weddings

Classic Vettore Letterpress Invitation Suite

Today we’re excited to share photos from a couple who recently tied the knot! Elissa and Chris worked with Cambridge Street Papers for their classic Vettore wedding invitation suite, and were kind enough to share a few of the beautiful photos from their May wedding. We love the way the postage stamps tie in with the wedding bouquet — such a thoughtful touch!

Letterpress wedding invitations from Smock

Classic letterpress wedding invitations from Smock

Photographs courtesy of Jessica Morrisy 

Whimsical Romance – Custom Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Our friends at Salutations in Charlotte, North Carolina sent along these adorable letterpress invitations for printing.  The couple submitted their own custom artwork to be printed on each piece in their suite. The pairing of our cherry and azure inks also makes a bold statement – and we definitely think their creativity shines through.

inks: cherry + azure | fonts: worthington block font + alice script | paper 2-ply white | printing: letterpress |edge painting in cherry | liner: the sinclair pattern in cherry | offset sleeve: custom pattern; in cherry + azure  |invite size: 5.4375 x 8.0625

custom letterpress wedding invitations

Botancial Beauty – Kurai Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Our grass and pewter inks transform the cherry blossom on our Kurai design into something truly beautiful.  This lovely suite was submitted to us by our good friends at Village Invites in New York City.  We absolutely adore the earthy tones used in this set and the offset folio printed on both the interior and exterior.

inks: grass + pewter | fonts: etienne + worthington | paper: 1-ply white | printing: letterpress | folio exterior: custom sinclair pattern in pewter | folio interior: jusan pattern in dove | invite size: 5.125 x 7.75

Modern Letterpress Wedding Suite in Black + Emerald Inks

Check out the emerald patterned envelope liner and the letterpressed emerald belly band, where the inspiration for both came from our Altar design.  Thanks go out to our friends at RSVP in Roslyn, New York for sending us these to print!

inks: black+ emerald | fonts: carrington stripes + leighton | paper: 2-ply white | printing: letterpress | corner rounding | liner: custom pattern in emerald | letterpress belly band | invite size: S8

elegant letterpress wedding invitations

Elegant Rhon Letterpress Wedding Invitations in Dove + Black

We’ve really fallen for these elegant Rhon letterpress invitations submitted to us by our friends at Village Invites in New York City.  The cascading vines provide the perfect balance of romance and sophistication to this suite.  Tossing in a metallic platinum envelope liner adds a touch of shimmer and makes this set even more stylish.

inks: black + dove | fonts: lazlo + etienne | paper: 2-ply white | printing: letterpress | liner: metallic platinum| size: S8SQ

elegant letterpress wedding invitations

Rustic Evan Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Our good friends at Pearl Grant Richmans in Albany, New York submitted this exquisite letterpress suite to us for printing. The modernized font choices keep this set refreshing and the color combination of our espresso and grass inks looks absolutely beautiful.

inks: espresso + emerald | fonts: millicent + carrington + morisot |custom artwork: submitted |paper: 2-ply ivory | printing: letterpress | liner: the croft pattern in emerald | invite size: S7

Romantic Altar Letterpress Suite

Our Altar design is one of our most popular, but we don’t think we have ever seen this design looking so romantic.  Sent to us by The Dandelion Patch in Washington DC this suite is letterpressed in our pewter and pearl inks, and the feminine touches are carried throughout.

inks: pewter + pearl | font: tally | paper: 2-ply ivory| printing: letterpress | edge painting in whisper | back patterning: champlain in whisper| corner rounding | liner: the grand champlain pattern in whisper | invite size: S8

This is a romantic customization of Smock's Altar letterpress wedding invitation printed in pearl and pewter inks.

Bat Mitzvah Letterpress Invitations inspired by our Dawson design

We had the joy of printing these GORGEOUS letterpress Bat Mitzvah invitations for our wonderful friends at PS Paper in San Anselmo, California.  We don’t think this suite could really be any sweeter, the submitted hand calligraphy used for the Sydney’s name adds a nice whimsical touch and the soft color palette keeps this set appropriate for a young girl’s important celebration.  The frame on the invitation is inspired by our Dawson design – and helps maintain the contemporary vibe.

inks: pms 270 + pms 5835 | fonts: worthington + submitted hand calligraphy | paper: 2-ply white | printing: letterpress | liner: the reverse finn pattern in pms 270 | size: S8

whimsical letterpress bat mitzvah invitations

Minimalistic Helani Bar Mitzvah Invitations

Write Next Door in Bethpage, New York sent in these contemporary Helani Bar Mitzvah invitations for printing.  Letterpressed in our espresso and grass inks, this earthy color palette helps keep this set looking youthful, but sophisticated and the three letter monogram at the very top is so classic.  The envelope is lined in our merritt pattern which we also adore because it matches perfectly to the bond border on the invitation.

inks: espresso + grass| font: tennyson| paper: 2-ply white | printing: letterpress | liner: the merritt pattern in espresso| invite size: S8

minimalistic letterpress bar mitzvah invitations

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