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Nautical letterpress save the date

This save the date gives “tying the knot” a whole new meaning. Lianne and Nick worked with Ipanema Press to make their nautical letterpress save the date vision come to life. The majority of the card printed in Navy letterpress let the touch of Gold letterpress on the names pop off the page. Additionally, the grommeted card with twine pulled through made this petite card even more unique. Since the couple married in the nautical setting of Peconic Bay Yacht Club, this save the date matches the aesthetic of the venue perfectly.

Nautical letterpress save the date
Nautical letterpress save the date

Letterpress colors: Navy + Gold | Fonts: Cameron and Garamond | Design: Custom| Paper: 2 ply White | Size: S-5SQ | Customization: 37921 | Ipanema Press

Modern gold wedding invitations with watercolor accents

Amanda and Eric chose our Ellory design for their April wedding in Texas, opting for a gold color palette with pastel blue and green watercolor accents. We worked with our friends at Needle in a Haystack to create the set, which included a cute weekend festivities card and a response card in addition to the gold foil stamped invitations. An ocean-inspired watercolor envelope liner introduced a third color and complemented the mint green watercolor accents on each insert card beautifully. 


letterpress ink: gold | foil color: gold matte | digital ink color: mint | fonts + design: lavish, timber + greenway, Ellory design | paper: 1-ply white | size: S-8 + S-5 + S-6 | envelope liner: watercolor 3 in mint, seamist and pool | customization #31973 | Needle in a Haystack 

Intricate Ballymagarvey Village letterpress invitations

Leanne and Joseph worked with Appleberry Press to create their intricate letterpress wedding invitations depicting their wedding venue, Ballymagarvey Village. Printed in classic black ink, the invitations include incredibly fine detailing — right down to the idyllic ivy vines growing along the house! Lush gold florals added a romantic touch to the invitation envelopes, and continued on to the envelope liners. 

Custom letterpress wedding invitations by Appleberry Press, printed by Smock Custom floral envelopes Custom letterpress wedding invitations by Appleberry Press, printed by Smock

letterpress ink: black + gold | custom artwork + fonts: submitted | paper: 2-ply ivory | size: S-8 | envelope liner: custom pattern in gold ink | customization #25057 | Appleberry Press

Custom Wedding Invitations in Letterpress, Foil and Offset

We love the combination of letterpress, foil stamping, and offset printing. These wedding invitations are printed in all three methods and the result is outstanding! Thanks go out to Houston Invitation Service for helping dream up these custom invitations.

letterpress ink: gold  | foil: gold matte | offset ink: robin egg |  font: cecilia | paper: 2-ply ivory | invite size: s7 | offset liner: reverse ashford in robin egg | edge painting: pink  | customization #:  17388 |

Custom wedding invitations by Smock

Beachy Keen Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Printed in gold and coral letterpress, these wedding invitations surely are overflowing with sweetness and simplicity.  With a detailed starfish motif taking center stage these modern invitations do not prefer to splash around in the shallow end.  Can you see the barefoot beaches and rays of sunshine on their wedding day?  We can! Thanks Union Street Papery for sending these our way.

inks: gold + coral | fonts: smock harrison + social| paper: 1-ply white | invitation size: S8 | envelope liner: halifax in turquoise offset | customization #: 16603 |

Starfish and nautical themed wedding invitations

Set Sail with this Letterpress Burstell Invitation Suite

This nautically themed letterpress wedding invitation suite was brought to us by our friends at Gus & Ruby Letterpress. The use of the anchor and rope motifs throughout the suite do wonders in keeping a consistent theme throughout.

inks: midnight + gold | fonts: mina + inigo | paper: 1-ply ivory | printing: letterpress + offset | invite size: S7 for folio | folio: offset in gold + midnight | customization #: 16047

Nautical letterpress wedding invitations with classic stripes

Elegant Gold & Espresso Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Gold and Espresso are one of the most elegant pairings of inks in our library. The submitted artwork sent to us by Paperkiss for this order was not only beautiful, but looked even better in print.

ink: gold + espresso | fonts: submitted artwork | paper: 2-ply white | printing: letterpress | submitted artwork | invite size: S8 | customization #: 16107 |

Elegant and regal letterpress wedding invitations in gold and espresso inks.

Thanking you with Gold Foil

Nothing says “thank you” like pressed foil! For an invitation order, it’s expected that a thank you card would be much simpler. However, Alisa from The Write Stuff in Tampa has found a way to enhance the card without sacrificing writing space. Using the two foils from the Tatra suite is a great way to incorporate foil into additional card types.

foil: gold matte + gold shine | font: smock plaza calligraphy font | paper: 1-ply ivory | printing: foil | card size: S6 | customization #: 16447 |

Thank you cards in gold foil


Plymouth Die-Cut Letterpress Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

Fresh Ink in Jackson, Mississippi submitted these beautiful rehearsal dinner invitations to us for printing.  The invitation has been die-cut in our plymouth style, which already makes for a stand out piece.  The edges have been painted in metallic gold and add in an antique envelope liner for another touch of metallic – this stunner is complete!

inks: gold + olive | fonts: classic roman + submitted | paper: 2-ply ivory | invitation size: S8 plymouth die-cut | edge paint in metallic gold | offset back pattern: custom champlain in gold | liner: metallic antique | printing: letterpress + offset | customization #: 16269 |

Stylish letterpress wedding invitations

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