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Custom wedding invitations from Smock


Create an invitation that’s totally you.

You’re unique. So are our custom wedding invitations. Every single wedding invitation that we letterpress is one of a kind.  Good news: because our wedding invitations are easily customizable, we can work with all sorts of budgets and have all sorts of creative ways to keep cost down.

At no additional cost, you can customize our wedding invitations in the following ways:

  • Inks: choose from our signature inks and metallic foil colors.
  • Fonts: choose any font from our library. Consider using one of our exclusive Smock calligraphy fonts.
  • Paper color: choose from white and ivory versions of our exclusive bamboo paper.
  • Sizes: choose square or rectangular, horizontal or vertical.
  • Envelopes: choose white or ivory bamboo paper.
  • Motifs and monograms: add a motif or font monogram from our library.
  • Design: resize illustrations, multiply artwork, reorient type, change the occasion, and more.
  • Invent: we can also print your own press-ready designs.

For an additional cost, you can customize our letterpress invitations in the following ways:

  • Paper weight: our exclusive bamboo paper comes in three weights – 1-ply, the ultra thick 2-ply, and text.
  • Printing method: add foil stamping or blind embossing to your design. These methods are slightly more expensive than letterpress or digital printing.
  • Envelope linings: choose (FSC certified) metallic liners or pick a pattern and ink colors to create your very own custom digitally printed liners.
  • Edge painting: we hand paint the outside edges of our invitations with a pretty color. Choose from any color from our letterpress ink library, plus 3 metallics (gold, bronze, or silver).
  • Foil edging: we can add silver, gold, or one of a variety of shining colored foils to the edges of your pieces.
  • Belly bands: printed on bamboo text weight paper, our belly bands look great with cartouches, monograms, and beautiful patterns.
  • Sleeves and folios: made from bamboo paper and printed in any printing method you want, these custom printed enclosures contain your invitation suite.
  • Fully assembled programs: we offer digitally printed program pages to complement your letterpress and foil stamped program covers. We can assemble your programs using the softest cotton ribbon from Italy, too. 
  • Die cuts: choose from three styles of dies, available in a variety of sizes.
  • Custom hand calligraphy: incorporate hand drawn calligraphy text or a calligraphy monogram into your design.
  • Custom design: we can create a custom design from scratch for you.
  • Corner rounding: soften the edges of your invitations with rounded corners.
  • Hole drilling and grommeting: make information packets, favor tags, and more.

If you need to decrease the cost of your set, try these ideas:

  • Go with 1 color printing (you can change a 2 color design to 1 color), or use 2 colors on an invitation and 1 color on a reply card).
  • Order 6 printed pieces (envelopes count!) and save 10%.
  • Get free letterpress favor cards if your guest favors are a donation to a non-profit (minimum order $500).
  • Choose no printing on the envelopes.
  • Choose letterpress or digital printing over foil stamping and blind embossing.
  • Choose 1-ply bamboo paper instead of 2-ply (and you can mix weights of paper—for instance, a 2-ply invite with a 1-ply reply card).