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Nautical letterpress wedding day pieces for a Nantucket affair

Kate and Dan’s family and friends traveled from near and far to attend their Nantucket wedding celebration this past June. Their nautical letterpress wedding day pieces included programs, menus, table number cards and a details booklet. Each coordinated with the other, using blues such as our Royale and Azure letterpress inks as their color palette of choice. These pieces reflected the easy, laid-back nature of the island with design accents like an organic border around the program and a fun dot pattern for the table number cards. The details booklet added a personal touch with a note from the bride and groom and a list of events scheduled for the weekend. We have no doubt this wedding came together as beautifully as their day of pieces – thanks to the help of Parchment Fine Papers! 

Nautical letterpress day of pieces from Smock

Nautical letterpress wedding day pieces for a Nantucket affair

Letterpress ink colors: Royal and Azure | Fonts: Nave | Design: Custom Library | paper: 1 ply white bamboo, 2 ply white bamboo | size: S-6 + other custom sizes | customization: 49118 | Parchment Fine Papers

Blue Bridal Shower invitations with foil envelope liners

We worked with Lydia at No Regrets to create Whitney’s pretty blue bridal shower invitations. Inspired by these recipe shower invitations, Whitney’s invitations featured our Keira design in royale ink with silver matte foil stamping. The invitations were sent inside a sweetly monogrammed invitation sleeve, and we created silver foil stamped envelope liners as a finishing touch for the set. We also printed matching place cards to carry the theme through to the day of the luncheon. 

Blue bridal shower invitations with letterpress + foil stamping from SmockLetterpress + foil stamped floral bridal shower invitations from Smock  

letterpress ink: royale | foil color: silver matte | fonts: Smock Plaza + Barnes + Graham | paper: 1-ply + 2-ply white | size: S-6 + S-3F | sleeve: letterpress + foil; juliette style | edge paint: royale | foil envelope liner: Bloomsbury pattern in silver matte | customization #28164 | No Regrets 

4th of July Barn Party wedding invitations

Danna and Michael treated their guests to a casual 4th of July barbecue for their wedding last summer. We digitally printed a custom map complete with adorable illustrations that was adhered to a red, white and blue invitation folio. Their barn party wedding invitations were actually inserts for the folio, and included a phone number for RSVPs. We love the checkered look on the outside of the folio — perfectly fitting for a barn party celebration! 

4th of July Barn Party wedding invitations 4th of July Barn Party wedding invitations 4th of July Barn Party wedding invitations

letterpress ink: cherry + royale | fonts: Ruby + Barnes | artwork: submitted | paper: 1-ply white | size: S-8 + S-6 | folio exterior: custom pattern in cherry; folio interior: fleming pattern in royale | customization #22078 | Arabesque 

Colorful jewel toned Bat Mitzvah invitations

We personalized our Brynn design to create Maggie’s jewel toned Bat Mitzvah invitations. Featuring a pretty palette of orchid, azure, royale, and violet inks, the invitations and party cards both included a modern, text-based design on the front, with a colorful pattern covering the back. Orchid edge painting and striped patterned envelope liners added additional bursts of color to this sweet set. 

Jewel toned Bat Mitzvah invitations from Smock Colorful envelope liners, edge painting and patterned backing by Smock Jewel toned Bat Mitzvah invitations from Smock

digital inks: azure + royale + violet + orchid | digital patterned backing: Rainier 2 pattern in azure + royale + violet + orchid | edge paint: orchid | fonts: Lawrence + Greenaway | paper: 1-ply + 2-ply white | size: S-8 + S6 | envelope liner: fleming pattern in azure + royale + violet + orchid | customization #27610 | Pen & Paper

Hekla Letterpress Baby Shower Invitations

We can customize any of our wedding designs to fit your occasion. Consider customizing our modern Hekla design for your baby shower invitations. This design would work well regardless of the gender of the baby – but boy oh boy do we love the phrasing that Inscriptions on the Boulevard used to announce that this is indeed for a baby boy.

letterpress inks: dove + royale | font: stockton and mack | paper: 2-ply white | size: S-6Q5 | customization #: 19457 |Hekla Letterpress Baby Shower Invitations

Sharp and Chic Hekla Letterpress Baptism Invitations

Submitted to us by our good friend, Elle at Petite & Sweet in Toronto, Canada these letterpressed Hekla baptism invitations are downright swank!  I mean talk about being up-to-the-minute!  These invitations showcase our royale and inkless blind deboss inks – and the end result makes for some of the most chic invitations we’ve had the joy of printing in quite some time.  The envelope liner adds another nice modernistic touch to this anything but simplistic set!  We think these invitations are the perfect prelude to such a memorable occasion – and helped achieve the vision the proud parents were hoping for.  We look forward to many more unique and current customizations from Petite & Sweet!

inks: royale + inkless blind deboss | fonts: shaw + social | paper: 2-ply white bamboo | printing: letterpress | edge painting in royale | liner: the ridley pattern in royale | invite size: S8

chic baptism letterpress invitations