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Foil stamped 90th birthday invitations with watercolor accents

Our Barnesly design is always a crowd pleaser and we have no doubt Helene’s guests were completely wowed too. These foil stamped birthday invitations with watercolor accents were made with a big birthday celebration in mind. Cloud and Silver Matte created a serene yet celebratory color combination, letting guests know that even though Helene is turning 90, she is still young at heart. Our bubble pattern mimicked the champagne that will surely be popped at the party to come.

Foil stamped birthday invitations with watercolor accents from Smock

Foil stamped birthday invitations with watercolor accents from Smock

Foil color: Silver Matte | Digital color: Cloud | Fonts: Selaive & Woodland | Design: Barnesly | Paper: 1 ply Bamboo | Size: S-6SQ | Liner: Bubble pattern in Cloud | Customization: 39379 | Cambridge Street Papers

Blue Bridal Shower invitations with foil envelope liners

We worked with Lydia at No Regrets to create Whitney’s pretty blue bridal shower invitations. Inspired by these recipe shower invitations, Whitney’s invitations featured our Keira design in royale ink with silver matte foil stamping. The invitations were sent inside a sweetly monogrammed invitation sleeve, and we created silver foil stamped envelope liners as a finishing touch for the set. We also printed matching place cards to carry the theme through to the day of the luncheon. 

Blue bridal shower invitations with letterpress + foil stamping from SmockLetterpress + foil stamped floral bridal shower invitations from Smock  

letterpress ink: royale | foil color: silver matte | fonts: Smock Plaza + Barnes + Graham | paper: 1-ply + 2-ply white | size: S-6 + S-3F | sleeve: letterpress + foil; juliette style | edge paint: royale | foil envelope liner: Bloomsbury pattern in silver matte | customization #28164 | No Regrets 

Petite silver foil stamped wedding invitations

Abby and Greg worked with Gus & Ruby Letterpress to customize their petite silver foil wedding invitations. They chose our Chablais design for their New Year’s Eve wedding, opting for a smaller S-6 size invitation and coordinating reply cards. Chablais patterned envelope liners were printed in apricot ink to match the letterpress accents featured on the invitations. 

Petite letterpress + silver foil wedding invitations from SmockSilver foil reply cards from SmockPetite letterpress + silver foil wedding invitations from Smock

letterpress ink: apricot | foil color: silver matte | fonts: Smock Stella + Harper | paper: 1-ply white | size: S-6 + S-5 | envelope liners: Chablais pattern in apricot | customization #24684 | Gus & Ruby Letterpress

Simple silver foil wedding invitations

Rebecca and Samuel chose a soft color palette for their winter wedding in Dallas. They customized our Fitzroy design with silver matte foil for their wedding invitations, opting for a rose gold foil edge and shell back patterning to add a feminine touch. Their initials were intertwined throughout their design inspired envelope liners, which were digitally printed in dove ink and complemented the silver foil beautifully.

Silver foil wedding invitations from Smock Pink patterned backing + gray monogrammed envelope liners from Smock

foil color: silver matte | offset back patterning: everett pattern in shell |  fonts: plaza + tennyson | paper: 2-ply white | size: S-8 + S-5 + S-3 | foil edge: rose gold shine | envelope liners: fitzroy pattern in dove | customization #20746

Tiffany inspired Bridal Shower invitations + sleeves

Inspired by Tiffany’s iconic blue packaging, these bridal shower invitations are some of the sweetest that we’ve printed! Tiffany blue invitation sleeves set the tone for the sophisticated affair, where guests were invited to help set the bride’s table in style.  Our Plaza calligraphy font added some glamour to the invitations and reply cards, which were printed in silver matte foil on our white bamboo paper.

Tiffany inspired Bridal Shower invitations from Smock

foil color: silver matte |  fonts: smock plaze + worthington | paper: 1-ply white | size: S-6 for sleeve + S-5 |  sleeve: gosford sleeve, digitally printed in tiffany ink with silver matte foil stamping | corner rounding | customization #: 23781 | Uptowne Papers

Halifax Lingerie Bridal Shower Invitations

We worked with Uptowne Papers to create these tasteful lingerie bridal shower invitations for Preston. Our Halifax design was customized with our bubbly Bodin border and elegant rounded corners. A fun, feminine color palette of neon pink paired with silver matte foil made for an eye-catching invitation, while bold hot pink envelope liners added the perfect finishing touch.

Halifax lingerie bridal shower invitations from Smock

letterpress ink: neon pink |  foil: silver matte | fonts: smock harrison + wallis | paper: 1-ply white | size: S-8 | envelope liners: granby pattern in hot pink ink | rounded corners | customization #: 23505 | Uptowne Papers

Custom Chablais Letterpress + Foil Stamped Folio Wedding Invitations

We worked with The Social Page to create these sleek custom wedding invitations for Amanda and Christopher’s country club celebration. The couple customized our Chablais invitation with silver matte foil and black ink, and used our Stella calligraphy font to emphasize key text throughout the suite. A custom map was included on the directions card to help guests find their way, and a chevron patterned envelope liner added a chic finishing touch!

Custom letterpress + foil stamped wedding invitations from Smock

letterpress ink: black |  foil: silver matte | fonts: smock plaza + harper | paper: 1-ply white | sizes: S-8sq folio + S-6sq + S-5sq | folio exterior: pearl pattern in blind deboss | folio interior: unprinted | envelope liners: van pattern in black ink | customization #:18384 | Social Page

Color-blocked Bat Mitzvah Invitations + Party Ideas

Our Peyton Bat Mitzvah invitations are all about making a statement. These bold, color-blocked invites feature a vibrant ocean folio with hot pink stripes and silver matte foil stamping. For a Peyton-inspired party, we’d tie in the cute star motif from the invitations with starry paper garland and other decorative elements (like paper poms and straws!) and colorful macarons to match.

Peyton Bat Mitzvah invitations + party ideas from Smock

Photo credits: Stars / Poms / Straws / Macarons 

Cool Custom Letterpress + Foil Stamped Bat Mitzvah Invitations

We worked with Jenny’s Paper, Ink! to create these custom Bat Mitzvah invitations for Ilana. The set was printed in bright blue Robin’s Egg ink on our white bamboo paper and accented with silver matte foil for a youthful yet sophisticated look. Our modern Biel pattern was used on the invitation and party card, and our Clermont calligraphy font highlighted Ilana’s name along with other important lines of text.

Custom letterpress & foil stamped Bat Mitzvah invitations from Smock

letterpress ink: robin’s egg | foil: silver matte | fonts: smock clermont + lawrence | paper: 2-ply white bamboo | printing: letterpress + foil | sizes: S-8 + S-6 + S-5 | customization #: 18696 | Jenny’s Paper, Ink

Bubbling silver + lavender Bat Mitzvah Invitations

This bubbly Bat Mitzvah invitation set features our Piedmont design in pretty lavender letterpress ink and silver matte foil. The text on the reply cards even played off of the bubbling theme – guests were either bubbling with excitement or “sorry to burst your bubble”!

Custom bubbling Bat Mitzvah invitations from Smock

letterpress ink: lavender | foil: silver matte | fonts: social + engravers | paper: 2-ply white bamboo | printing: letterpress + foil | sizes: S-8 + S-5 | customization #: 19877 | Pleasure of Your Company