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Modern rose gold foil stamped engagement invitations

We can never get enough of patterns that have something to say. Kelly and Ben put their own flair on our Flynn design to announce their engagement to their friends and family this part October. These modern rose gold foil stamped engagement invitations are truly eye catching with bold geometric patterns framing the page. A corresponding foil envelope liner pushed the envelope even further with a varying pattern that still complimented the invitation design effortlessly. This show-stopper couldn’t have come together without the help of our friends at Events and we can hardly wait to see what their wedding invitation suite will look like to come!

Modern rose gold foil stamped engagement invitations from Smock

Modern rose gold foil stamped engagement invitations from Smock

Foil stamping color: Rose Gold Shine | Digital colors: Black | Fonts: Moderno, Woodland + Barber | Design: Flynn | Paper: 2 ply smooth cotton | Size: S-8 | Customization: 40178 | Events

Minimalistic Helani Bar Mitzvah Invitations

Write Next Door in Bethpage, New York sent in these contemporary Helani Bar Mitzvah invitations for printing.  Letterpressed in our espresso and grass inks, this earthy color palette helps keep this set looking youthful, but sophisticated and the three letter monogram at the very top is so classic.  The envelope is lined in our merritt pattern which we also adore because it matches perfectly to the bond border on the invitation.

inks: espresso + grass| font: tennyson| paper: 2-ply white | printing: letterpress | liner: the merritt pattern in espresso| invite size: S8

minimalistic letterpress bar mitzvah invitations

Timeless Autumn Feel – Letterpressed Dawson Save the Dates

We’re excited to share these letterpress Dawson save the dates with you. Printed in gold and cherry inks, these save the dates set the perfect tone for an autumn wedding. Our Bescal calligraphy font was used for the couple’s names, which added even more character to this set. Many thanks to our friends at The Dandelion Patch – Georgetown for sending us these beauties!

inks: gold + cherry | fonts: beautmont block and smock bescal | paper: 1-ply white | printing: letterpress | size: S6

colorful letterpress save the dates

Preppy Letterpressed Wedding Invitations in Midnight + Aquamarine

Lion in the Sun in Brooklyn, New York submitted this preppy wedding suite and we fell in love instantly.  Letterpressed in a brilliant color combination of midnight and aquamarine inks, the back of the invitation features offset back-patterning in aquamarine. The envelope liners featured the same pattern but reversed for a unique yet coordinated look.

inks: midnight + aquamarine  | fonts: carrington + lawrence all caps + cooper + alice | paper: 2-ply white | printing: letterpress | edge paint in hot pink | back pattern: custom in aquamarine | liner: custom pattern in aquamarine | letterpress + offset belly band | invite size: S8

Dawson Design Letterpressed in Violet + Persimmon = Colorful + Creative

We know we’ve shared many gorgeous Dawson customizations with you, but we especially couldn’t wait to share this one.  With a pairing of our violet and persimmon inks – this invitation is a sure fire hit.  We definitely feel the romance reflected from this invitation.  This suite was submitted by our friends at Epitome Papers in Edina, Minnesota and each piece is letterpressed on our luxurious 2-ply bamboo paper.  We adore that the vibrant and more feminine color palette is carried throughout on the reply cards and reception cards, too.  We love seeing couples step outside the box and truly toss in a bit of their own creativity when choosing how to customize their own wedding invitations.

inks: violet + persimmon| fonts: engravers + frida| paper: 2-ply white | printing: letterpress | liner: the mondsee pattern in violet | invite size: S8

colorful summer letterpress wedding inviations

Splendid Letterpress Bridal Shower Invitations

Our good friend Joanne at Cambridge Street Papers in Chatham, New Jersey submitted these contemporary letterpress bridal shower invitations to us for printing – and we think these are a real treat!  We’re big softies when it comes to inkless blind deboss paired with the perfect ink color – and this set has it all!  The bodin motif was printed with inkless blind deboss for a chic, subtle look, and the edges of the invitation were painted in grass – a somewhat unexpected edge paint color, but a fabulous embellishment for this set. The bouts of color do not end there – the back of the invitation was offset printed in our sinclair pattern – and this flood of raspberry makes this set all the more sweet.

inks: raspberry + inkless blind deboss | fonts : graham + smock bescal | paper: 2-ply white| printing: letterpress | edge painting in grass |back patterning: sinclair in raspberry| liner: the granby pattern in hot pink | invite size: S8SQ

colorful letterpress bridal shower invitations

High Spirited Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Amber at Hitched in Washington, DC submitted this lovely Odin wedding invitation suite to us for printing.  Letterpress printed in our navy ink and a custom purple ink, the combination of these two cool tones brings a feeling of joy to these modern invitations.  This set definitely has it all.  Each piece is letterpressed on our luxurious 2-ply bamboo paper and matches perfectly back to the charming and vivid invitation.  But we think the focal point of this suite is the letterpressed sleeve in our pastis pattern adding even more flair with the beautifully textured lines.  We thought this would be a fun and bubbly set to share with you at the start of the summer wedding season!

inks: navy + pms 2563| fonts: alice + inigo| paper 2-ply white | printing: letterpress | corner rounding | letterpress sleeve: pastis pattern in navy |invite size: 5.4375 x 8.0625

modern and coloful wedding invitations

Lively + Cheery Wedding Invitation Suite

We have Liz at Paper Place in Austin, Texas to thank for submitting this bright and beautiful Dawson invitation to us for printing.  Lively and cheery are definitely adjectives that come to mind when taking a look these beauties!  We feel that pairing our ocean and yolk inks together is the perfect choice for a wedding in early spring.  When this is the time of year we’re used to seeing softer color palettes – pastels, too – it’s refreshing to see such a bubbly and bold invitation.  The couple also chose a custom letterpress sleeve which adds even more pizazz!

inks: ocean + yolk| fonts: smock clermont + carrington| paper: 1-ply white  | printing: letterpress| letterpress sleeve: custom pattern in yolk | invite size: S-8 for sleeve

colorful and fun letterpress wedding invitation

Paper Place was also sweet enough to send along the accessory pieces they printed in house to coordinate with the letterpress wedding invitations we printed.  The reply card, information card and rehearsal dinner card were sent along with the invitations.  The larger reception invitation and registry card were sent separately by the groom’s parents.  We love that the vibrant color palette is maintained throughout this set.  We always adore working with the lovely ladies at Paper Place – and we’d like to give a huge THANK YOU to them!



Whimsical and trendy letterpress wedding invitations in yolk + pewter inks

Soft, subtle hues are what’s in right now!  Take a look at these trendsetter custom letterpress wedding invitations.  This whimsical set was submitted to us by our great friend, Kappy at Le Village Marche in Arlington, Virginia.  We love that our lyon border is featured on the left side of the invitation – adding to the modern feel of this suite.  Although this set is more on the contemporary side – choosing a softer color palette helps maintain a timeless and elegant feel for your wedding day.  We think these stylish invitations will surely delight their guests!

inks: yolk + pewter | fonts: louise + peale | paper 2-ply white | invite size: S-8 | printing: letterpress | corner rounding | liner: the granby pattern in dove

whimsical and colorful letterpress wedding invitation

Design Contest Winner: Sophisticated & Sweet Bat Mitzvah Invitations

We have the lovely Jenny from Jenny’s Paper, Ink! to thank for these incredible letterpress Bat Mitzvah invitations that we recently had the pleasure of printing. The invitations have a sweet, youthful look and feature fun fonts and bold colors. Jenny said the inspiration for these Bat Mitzvah invitations began with a custom sleeve – Sari fell in love with the idea of keeping the entire invitation set together without using a typical folio or bellyband. From there, they created a logo that could be used throughout the event by pairing our Louise font with our Dawson cartouche. Next came the patterns and colors — Sari’s favorite color is blue, so robin’s egg was a perfect choice, and adding black as a second ink color gave the invitation a bold look. The Champlain pattern was used in different ways throughout the entire set, and complemented the playful fonts and bold ink combination beautifully.  The finished product was amazing and set the tone for a fabulous weekend with family and friends. Congratulations and thank you to Jenny for sending us such a stunning invitation set!

inks: robin’s egg + black + inkless blind deboss | fonts: percy + louise  | paper: 2-ply white | printing: letterpress | liner: custom liner pattern in robin’s egg + black | custom sleeve: champlain pattern with dawson cartouche  | size: s7 for sleeve

The 1st Smock Design Contest for 2012 honored Jenny's Paper Ink for these Bat Mitzvah invitations

This design won an honorable mention in our Smock design competition for the first half of 2012. This twice-a-year competition recognizes outstanding and inspired designs submitted by our beloved dealers.

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