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Playful Odin Wedding Invitations with Shiny Chevron Foil Stamping

This customization of our Odin design is one of our absolute favorites.  We worked with Papier Girl to create these playful wedding invitations, which pair our orchid letterpress ink with silver shine foil stamping and Stella, one of our exclusive calligraphy fonts. Our bubbly Odin motif was used on the invitations and the coordinating reply cards and events card. The best part? The backside of the events card features the most amazing silver shine chevron patterning and a giant monogram!

Odin letterpress + foil stamped wedding invitations

letterpress ink: orchid | foil: silver shine | fonts: smock stella + kipling | paper: 1 + 2-ply white bamboo | printing: letterpress + foil | sizes: S-8 SQ+ S-6SQ + S-5 | customization #: 18693 | Papier Girl 

Colorful Odin Letterpress Save the Date

Every client has a set budget and it can be difficult to balance cost with design.  Judy Paulen Designs knows just how to do this. By scaling the save the date size down from the standard, they free up a little room to add all the bells and whistles the client was hoping to include. The Odin design is pretty dynamic to begin with and when given the opportunity to add embellishments, the back pattern and envelope liner served as a perfect compliment.

ink: apricot + papaya | fonts: bretch + coombs | paper: 1-ply ivory | printing: letterpress | corner rounding | offset back pattern: fleming in apricot | offset liner: filby in papaya | std size: s5 | customization #: 15331 |
Stylish letterpress save the dates

Awesome Letterpress Thank You Notes

We thank our friends at Kate’s Paperie for these amazing Odin thank you notes. The offset pattern carried on to the back of this card and liner keep these social notes consistent throughout. The cards are also completed with wonderful edge painting.

inks: silver + sand | fonts: alice + potter | paper: 2-ply white | printing: letterpress + offset | envelope liner: filby in sand offset + silver offset | customization #: 15830 |

Bilingual Letterpress Odin Wedding Invitation Suite

Here at Smock our Odin design is one of the invitations in particular that we get really excited about seeing customized and personalized.  And we feel that our friend, Cheryl at Paper Studio in Ontario, Canada did a fabulous job dreaming up this Odin suite.  Letterpressed in taupe and eggplant inks this bilingual set includes an English language invitation and a French language invitation.  The back of each card is offset printed in our willoughby pattern in taupe, adding even more personality to this lively suite.  The envelopes are lined in metallic camel providing a picture perfect contrast against their wedding colors.

inks: taupe + eggplant | font: claudel + percy | paper: 1-ply ivory bamboo | printing: letterpress |corner rounding |back patterning: willoughby in taupe |liner: metallic camel| invite size: S8

whimsical letterpress wedding invitations

High Spirited Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Amber at Hitched in Washington, DC submitted this lovely Odin wedding invitation suite to us for printing.  Letterpress printed in our navy ink and a custom purple ink, the combination of these two cool tones brings a feeling of joy to these modern invitations.  This set definitely has it all.  Each piece is letterpressed on our luxurious 2-ply bamboo paper and matches perfectly back to the charming and vivid invitation.  But we think the focal point of this suite is the letterpressed sleeve in our pastis pattern adding even more flair with the beautifully textured lines.  We thought this would be a fun and bubbly set to share with you at the start of the summer wedding season!

inks: navy + pms 2563| fonts: alice + inigo| paper 2-ply white | printing: letterpress | corner rounding | letterpress sleeve: pastis pattern in navy |invite size: 5.4375 x 8.0625

modern and coloful wedding invitations

Odin is Smock’s Design of the Month! On sale for 10-15% off through May 14

The votes are in: Odin is the Smock design of the month! From now through May 14, all custom orders that feature the bright and bubbly Odin design (wedding invitations, social stationery, save the dates, programs, menus, calling cards, hang tags, baby or graduation announcements, birthday party invites, and more!) will be 10% off (or 15% off for orders with 6 or more pieces!). Locate one of our amazing Smock custom dealers today to get started on your Odin stationery!

Thanks to everyone who voted, we’ll be donating almost $200 to the Earthworks No Dirty Gold campaign to help put an end to dirty mining practices that are devastating the planet. (Click here to read more about dirty gold and find out what you can do to help). To show you just how unique our Odin design can look with a few simple tweaks, our designers put together the stunning customizations below to get you inspired!

Letterpress on sale from Smock through may 14, 2012! All orders that feature the Odin design are on sale through May 14 for 10-15% off

A cheerful customization of our Odin invitation featuring ocean and saffron inks. Letterpress sale for Odin invitations going on now

inks: ocean + saffron | fonts: parson + chaplin  | paper: 2-ply white | printing: letterpress| back patterning: van in saffron | invite size: s8

An elegant customization of the Odin letterpress invitation. Odin Letterpress from Smock is on sale now through May 14.

inks: eggplant and gold | fonts: elsie + lazlo | paper: 2-ply ivory | printing: letterpress| envelope liner: filby in eggplant | corner rounding | invite size: s8

A square customization of our Odin design in sand, pewter and peacock inks. The Odin letterpress invitation suite is on sale now through May 14.

inks: sand + pewter + peacock | fonts: alice + percy | paper: 2-ply white | printing: letterpress + offset | back patterning: everett in pewter | edge painting: peacock | invite size: s8-sq

A pretty customization of our Odin design in pink and whisper inks.The Odin letterpress invitation suite is on sale now through May 14.

inks: whisper + pink | fonts: percy + fairchild + louise | paper: 2-ply white | printing: letterpress| envelope liner: fleming in pink | invite size: s8

Stop in to your local Smock retailer to get started on your custom Odin order today!

Design Contest Winner: Be Lucky in Love with these Offset Save the Dates

Cori at Social Graces in Nashville, Tennessee sent us this adorable Odin customization!  These offset printed save the dates are both personalized and creative, and were printed in a very cool color palette of our sea mist + grass inks. When we asked Cori what inspired this design she told us that the bride was drawn to the fun font style and whimsical frame, and loved how these elements balanced the striped background.  The wedding reception will be on her family’s horse farm, so the couple thought it would be appropriate to include a horseshoe.  Here at Smock, we believe these save the dates are lucky!  Common legend is that keeping the ends of a horseshoe point up keeps all of the good luck in. Congrats to the lucky bride and groom, and bravo to Social Graces for such an inspired design!

inks: sea mist + grass | fonts: mack + louise | paper: 1-ply white bamboo  | printing: offset | size: s6

This save the date set from Social Graces was an honoree in the 1st Smock Design Contest for 2012

This design won an honorable mention in our Smock design competition for the first half of 2012. This twice-a-year competition recognizes outstanding and inspired designs submitted by our beloved dealers.

Oceanic Odin Offset additions!

Celia at Urbanic came to us for these “day of” pieces for a September wedding. Our Odin design was a perfect fit, especially when designed using the right cartouche and blend of our ocean and peacock inks. Carrying the design over to the table numbers and place cards was a great way to make the motifs stand out at the reception.

inks: peacock + ocean | fonts: cecilia + social | paper: 1-ply white | printing: offset | program with cartouche | program size: #10

modern colorful offset wedding reception pieces