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Chapman Bar Mitzvah Invitations with Chevron Patterned Backing

We customized our Chapman design for William’s Bar Mitzvah invitations. The invitation featured pewter and dove inks, with a pop of persimmon on the monogram, edge painting, and patterned backing. The reply cards were printed in persimmon ink and the directions card was printed in pewter. Colorful chevron envelope liners combining all three colors  tied the entire set together.

Custom letterpress Bar Mitzvah Invitations from Smock

letterpress inks: persimmon + dove + pewter | back patterning: Hoveton pattern offset printed in persimmon ink | font:  auden | paper: 2-ply white | sizes: S-8SQ+ S-5SQ | edge paint: persimmon | envelope liners: Hoveton pattern in pewter + persimmon + dove | customization #: 21374 | LS Amster Company

Dawson Design Letterpressed in Violet + Persimmon = Colorful + Creative

We know we’ve shared many gorgeous Dawson customizations with you, but we especially couldn’t wait to share this one.  With a pairing of our violet and persimmon inks – this invitation is a sure fire hit.  We definitely feel the romance reflected from this invitation.  This suite was submitted by our friends at Epitome Papers in Edina, Minnesota and each piece is letterpressed on our luxurious 2-ply bamboo paper.  We adore that the vibrant and more feminine color palette is carried throughout on the reply cards and reception cards, too.  We love seeing couples step outside the box and truly toss in a bit of their own creativity when choosing how to customize their own wedding invitations.

inks: violet + persimmon| fonts: engravers + frida| paper: 2-ply white | printing: letterpress | liner: the mondsee pattern in violet | invite size: S8

colorful summer letterpress wedding inviations

Radiant Bat Mitzvah Invitations in Raspberry + Persimmon

These recently printed letterpress Delano Bat Mitzvah invitations have become an instant favorite!  These charming invitations were submitted to us our wonderful friends at Paper Studio in Ottawa, Ontario.  We don’t doubt that you’re also going to fall head over heels for this charming suite.  Pairing our raspberry and persimmon inks together is heavenly – and makes this suite all the more brilliant.  So brilliant it’s hard not to be enthusiastic about a Bat Mitzvah invitation that helps mark such an important milestone in a young girl’s life.  The charm is carried through onto the two color information card and the beyond gorgeous letterpress belly band.  As far as Bat Mitzvah invitations go, this is definitely one of the most lively and radiant sets we’ve seen in quite some time – and we are smitten!

inks: persimmon + raspberry | fonts: mack + leighton | paper: 2-ply white | printing: letterpress | liner: the granby pattern in raspberry | letterpress belly band | invite size: S8

colorful letterpress bat mitzvah invitations