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Modern rose gold foil stamped engagement invitations

We can never get enough of patterns that have something to say. Kelly and Ben put their own flair on our Flynn design to announce their engagement to their friends and family this part October. These modern rose gold foil stamped engagement invitations are truly eye catching with bold geometric patterns framing the page. A corresponding foil envelope liner pushed the envelope even further with a varying pattern that still complimented the invitation design effortlessly. This show-stopper couldn’t have come together without the help of our friends at Events and we can hardly wait to see what their wedding invitation suite will look like to come!

Modern rose gold foil stamped engagement invitations from Smock

Modern rose gold foil stamped engagement invitations from Smock

Foil stamping color: Rose Gold Shine | Digital colors: Black | Fonts: Moderno, Woodland + Barber | Design: Flynn | Paper: 2 ply smooth cotton | Size: S-8 | Customization: 40178 | Events

Botanical foil stamped wedding invitations in Copper Shine

We customized our Ellory design to fit Brianna and Patrick’s wedding at The Walton House in Homestead, Florida. Thanks to the help of our friends at Stationer on Sunrise, these botanical foil stamped wedding invitations reflected their venue perfectly with images of greenery incorporated that can be similarly found on the property of The Walton House. The suite contained corresponding reply, reception and website cards to complete the package, all with rounded corners for a softer overall aesthetic. On the flip side of these cards, guests will be pleasantly surprised to find more traces of greenery, tying everything together perfectly.

Botanical foil stamped wedding invitations in Copper Shine from Smock

Botanical foil stamped wedding invitations in Copper Shine from Smock

 Foil stamping color: Copper Shine | Fonts: Lavish + Greenaway | Design: Ellory | paper: 2 ply ivory bamboo, 1 ply ivory bamboo | size: S-8 | liner: Olive Tree pattern | customization: 35195 | Stationer on Sunrise

Botanical foil stamped engagement invitations

An engagement is certainly a cause for celebration and what better way to set the tone for a party than with these botanical foil stamped engagement invitations. We were thrilled to work with Fresh Ink to create this Greely inspired set for Michelle and David. Tawny Matte has never looked better as the foil color enhances our Smock Gray paper with its champagne undertones. A sweet floral motif frames the couple’s monogram at the top of the design, while the gold leaf metallic envelope liner adds a polished finish to this lovely customization. 

Botanical foil stamped engagement invitations

Botanical foil stamped engagement invitations

foil stamping color: tawny matte | fonts: Velvet Hammer + Didot | paper: 1 ply Smock Gray | size: S-8SQ | envelope liner: metallic gold | customization: 37196 | Fresh Ink

Smock Thank You Notes featured by Bridal Guide Magazine

Today we’re extending a note of thanks to Bridal Guide Magazine for featuring some of our wedding thank you notes in their recent round-up! Thank you notes are an important component of your wedding stationery suite, and while the process of writing them can sometimes feel overwhelming, having thank you notes on hand (as well as an arsenal of ideas for what to write, like the ones included in 101 Ways to Say Thank You: Notes of Gratitude for All Occasions) can help make the process much less daunting.

Smock thank you notes featured by Bridal Guide Magazine

Our simple, foil stamped notes shown below were a few of the Smock cards included in the feature. From left: Script 2, Thank You Script, Classic Heart, and Thank You Shine

Foil stamped thank you notes from Smock

For more ideas on wedding thank you notes, check out this post (or check out some of our ideas for bridal shower thank you notes, too!). Many thanks to Bridal Guide for including us in this feature! 

Modern Gold Invitations with a Colorful Chevron Sleeve

Paper & Poste knows how to make a chic gold foil wedding invitation pop. If you love a more simplistic styled invitation but are looking for a little something extra consider using a colorful chevron sleeve.

foil stamping: gold shine | font: coco + lawrence | paper: 2-ply white | invite size: s-7 | sleeve: black + sage + whisper + orchid | foil edging:  gold shine | customization #: 18407
Modern Gold Invitations with a Colorful Chevron Sleeve

Custom Holiday Photo Cards with Letterpress, Offset and Foil!

There’s something magical about combining three different printing methods into one holiday card. The result? A festive holiday photo card sent to us by our friends at Paperista.

ink: custom 186U | foil: silver matte | fonts: stella + inigo block | paper: 2-ply white | printing: letterpress + foil + offset | size: S8 | customization #: 16157 |

Combining letterpress, foil and offset is a great way to customize your holiday cards

Aneto in Copper Foil and Chartreuse Letterpress

No, your eyes are not deceiving you – this version we did of our Aneto design really is this awesomely amazing.  The copper shine foil stamping looks so good with chartreuse letterpress ink!  Such a good combo.  We can’t take all the credit though – this order came to us courtesy of Salutations, Chapel Hill – thanks guys!

ink: chartreuse | foil: copper shine | fonts: stella cf + peale | paper: 2-ply white | size: s8 | customization # 16547

A beautiful combination of letterpress and foil stamping by Smock.