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Die-Cut Letterpress Wedding Invitations in Mulberry Ink

This autumn inspired letterpress invitation suite was sent in by our friends at The Dandelion Patch in Vienna, Virginia.  Mulberry is one of the many beautiful hues of autumn and looks incredible paired with an offset patterned envelope liner in gold.

ink: mulberry | fonts: smock harrison | paper 1-ply ivory | printing: letterpress | die cut: plymouth | back pattern: the croft pattern in gold| liner: the willoughby pattern in gold| invite size: s8

This is a custom invitations by Smock letterpressed in mulberry ink.

Vintage Inspired Letterpress Wedding Invitations

This vintage inspired customization of our Chasseral design was submitted to us by our great friends at LS Amster Company in Scarsdale, New York.  We think our eggplant and saffron inks were the perfect pairing for an autumn wedding.  The rich colors of the season are seen throughout- so much that it’s easy to see the leaves changing color! The iznik pattern envelope lining in saffron gives off the perfect amount of charm!  Complete with direction cards printed on both front and back- these cards tell guests everything they need to know about getting to the celebration!  The couple also chose letterpress thank you cards and we cannot think of a better way to show all of your guests your gratitude for being such an important part of your special day.  Vintage inspired + autumn color palette = ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKING!

inks: eggplant + saffron| fonts: graham + tally| paper: 2-ply ivory bamboo | printing: letterpress | edge painting in eggplant |back patterning: sinclair in eggplant |liner: the iznik pattern in saffron | invite size: S8SQ

elegant letterpress wedding invitations



Gold + Taupe Typographic Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Our wonderful friend Cheryl at Paper Studio in Ontario, Canada submitted this remarkable custom invitation suite to us for printing.  It’s easy to get lost in the splendor of this simplistic set because it has the coolest customizations!  The couple chose our elegant rousseau pattern for offset backing on their invitation, reply cards-and coordinated this with an envelope liner to match!  The gold and taupe inks are perfect for a wedding celebration in the middle of the any season!  We also printed what we think are the most adorable and whimsical double sided information cards we’ve seen in quite some time.  Choosing a text-based invitation is an excellent way to keep your set looking classy!

inks: gold + taupe | fonts : custom| paper: 2-ply ivory |  custom artwork: submitted | printing: letterpress | edge painting in gold metallic |back patterning: rousseau in gold + taupe |corner rounding | liner: the rousseau pattern in gold + taupe| invite size: S8SQ

vintage typography letterpress invitation

DIY with Smock — Paper Pumpkins

We’re in fall mode around here, and we thought the best way to kick off the weekend would be a little arts & crafts project. These paper pumpkins are super cute & pretty easy to make — and you only need a few supplies! Here’s what you should have on hand:

  • A sheet of your favorite Smock gift wrap (I chose our Crochet wrap, but Koi, Jade, or Veranda would work nicely, too!)
  • Scissors
  • Brads
  • A mini hole punch (or a pen/pencil)
  • A stapler (optional)
  • Tape or glue (optional)

smock eco gift wrap

First things first: you’ll need to cut a bunch of thin strips out of the gift wrap (mine were about 8 or 9 inches). Don’t cut the strips much longer than this, or it will get too heavy and your pumpkin won’t sit upright. I cut about 20 strips of paper, but you can cut more or less depending on how “full” you’d like your pumpkin to be (again, keep in mind that you want the pumpkin to stand up, so try not to weigh things down too much). The thickness can vary, but the length should be the same.

smock eco gift wrap

Next, arrange your strips in a circle like so:

smock eco gift wrap

From here, there are a few ways to do things. I chose to staple the bottom of my pumpkin together, and gathered about a third of the strips at a time and stapled them in the middle. When I had three little groupings, I stapled all three together to keep things secure. You could also use glue for this part, or if you’d rather, you can hole-punch the ends of the strips and use a brad to secure everything at the bottom. Using a brad will make it easier to adjust the “body” of your pumpkin, but I liked having half of the pumpkin secure and then making adjustments up top.

Next, you’ll need to punch a (small) hole near the end of each strip. After you’ve punched the holes, one by one, push the brad through each hole, and then secure the brad.

smock eco gift wrap pumpkin

Next, you’ll want to make the finishing touches. I cut a medium and a thin strip of paper and wound them up tightly to create the stem and a curly little vine.

smock eco gift wrap

I adhered the stem by stapling & folding the paper, and then taped down the vine with a thin strip of tape on top.

smock eco gift wrap pumpkin

And voila! A sweet little paper pumpkin — cute decor for fall AND a fun little DIY project for the weekend — what’s not to love!?  Are you planning on creating a Smock pumpkin patch?? Send us your photos on Twitter — we’d love to see them!

Fall Letterpress Wedding Invitations

This incredibly cool custom letterpress wedding invitation suite came to us from byrd & bleeker in Fort Worth, Texas. Enclosed in a folio featuring a custom leaf motif in tangerine on the exterior and our sottern pattern in saffron on the interior, the invitations were printed in eggplant with a reply card printed in taupe. A double-sided events/website card was printed in tangerine and taupe inks for a beautiful fall color palette rich in pattern and texture. We love this beautiful custom design – thanks to our friends at byrd & bleecker for sending it our way!

View from our letterpress shop office

We don’t see a whole lot of sun in the fall and winter here in Syracuse — usually the sky is covered with various shades of gray (but pretty grays!). Though sometimes this time of year, at the end of the day, we’re treated to really fabulous shows of color and light. Sunset from Smock's letterpress shop office -

Gift wrap + tree planting

Receive free gift wrapping (with our 100% post-consumer recycled gift wrap) + a free cute matching gift card with your message handwritten inside. All you need to do is purchase $25 from and then plant a tree during checkout ($1 donation to American Forests). Smock, by the way, always matches tree donations, so if you plant a tree, we’ll plant a tree too. This promotion begins now and goes until Dec. 25. Here are some autumn photos to get you in the mood, taken at our local neighborhood park one frosty morning when the light was lovely and bright and the trees were all aflame.
100% recycled gift wrap by Smock Letterpress
Eco gift wrap by Smock
100% recycled gift wrap by Smock