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Stunning letterpressed Save the Dates in Navy + Azalea Inks

With a pairing of our navy and azalea inks we have a real beauty on our hands!  These lovely letterpress save the dates were submitted to us by our great friends at By Invitation Only in Little Rock, Arkansas.  The couple chose our willoughby pattern for the top and bottom of their save the dates – which we think adds a real elegant factor.  We can’t get enough of this stunning color combination because it’s not overly feminine and has just a touch of boyish charm – within the navy ink.  And we’re all about couples sending their save the dates early – it’s customary to mail save the dates six months to a year before the big day.  This allows your guests enough time to book their accommodations, save enough spending money and request time off work.  Mailing your save the dates early also allows your guests to count down the days til the “I Do’s”.

inks: navy + azalea | fonts: cahun + shaw | paper: 2-ply white | printing: letterpress | size: S6

custom letterpress save the dates




Smock Mom – I Love Summer Camp

I adored camp as a child. The dusty cabins, the spirited counselors, the fireside songs — I ate it ALL up. So it was with great anticipation that I went as chaperone to my oldest’s camp this past month. My main role was as witness; witness to the constant (loud!) silliness, the new found independence, the occasional scraped knee and consequent (quickly wiped away) tears.

Amy Graham Stigler, Smock Mom: Summer Camp

But I also got to participate in a few of my camp-time favorites — a treasure hunt, a hike in the woods and a visit to the canteen. Next year I am hitting the rope swing.

One thing I love: our yard in winter (by Amy Graham Stigler)

OUR YARD IN WINTER. My memories are filled with trees. As a child I spent a lot of time daydreaming, looking skyward through branches and leaves and blooms. In the winter, I favored making snow angels to snow men (less work, more reverie). Another chance for recumbent repose. As I point my camera north I recall just how it felt: cheeks chapped, arms and legs akimbo, mind filled. I can even taste the falling flakes.
Amy Graham Stigler design inspiration #12a - for Smock
Amy Graham Stigler design inspiration #12b - for Smock

Gift wrap + tree planting

Receive free gift wrapping (with our 100% post-consumer recycled gift wrap) + a free cute matching gift card with your message handwritten inside. All you need to do is purchase $25 from and then plant a tree during checkout ($1 donation to American Forests). Smock, by the way, always matches tree donations, so if you plant a tree, we’ll plant a tree too. This promotion begins now and goes until Dec. 25. Here are some autumn photos to get you in the mood, taken at our local neighborhood park one frosty morning when the light was lovely and bright and the trees were all aflame.
100% recycled gift wrap by Smock Letterpress
Eco gift wrap by Smock
100% recycled gift wrap by Smock