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Smock Mom – Fun with Father’s Day Cards

Smock’s creative director, Amy Graham Stigler, is a successful designer and an incredible mother. We are thrilled that Amy will be sharing weekly glimpses into life as a designer and a mom, and snippets of inspiration along the way. You can read Amy’s past posts on the Smock blog here. First up, Amy’s kids have fun with homemade Father’s Day Cards…

Homemade Father's Day Card

It seems apropos that the children of a card designer love designing cards. And, oh boy, are my children prolific (and competitively so). Father’s Day alone resulted in 20 plus cards filled with loving sentiment and vibrant color.

Homemade Father's Day Card

The best part is that our mantel is always filled with a seasonally-appropriate-budget-friendly display of original artwork…

Homemade Father's Day Cards

One thing I love: our yard in winter (by Amy Graham Stigler)

OUR YARD IN WINTER. My memories are filled with trees. As a child I spent a lot of time daydreaming, looking skyward through branches and leaves and blooms. In the winter, I favored making snow angels to snow men (less work, more reverie). Another chance for recumbent repose. As I point my camera north I recall just how it felt: cheeks chapped, arms and legs akimbo, mind filled. I can even taste the falling flakes.
Amy Graham Stigler design inspiration #12a - for Smock
Amy Graham Stigler design inspiration #12b - for Smock

One thing I love #6 (by Amy Graham Stigler)

POCOYO. For my kids anyway. And, truth be told, for my husband too. Its a post bath ritual at our house to jump in bed with the laptop and watch an episode. In fact, our youngest, has officially named the computer “Pocoyo” as if its the cute little guy himself. Then she hums the tune & claps her hands until we turn it on. Which explains why the computer is often under cover, quite literally. A favorite:

Amy Graham Stigler inspiration #6

One thing I love #5 (by Amy Graham Stigler)

INDIAN SUMMERS. For one, they remind me of our true summers — which are, where we live in Wisconsin, filled with water and sand and popsicles. Oh, and a good amount of sailing. By the time the last regatta roles around we are ready for the quieter days of fall and the quietest days of winter. But we love those days of sunshine and boat rides while they last and miss them when they’re gone.

Amy Graham Stigler inspiration #5a

Amy Graham Stigler inspiration #5b

One thing I love #4 (by Amy Graham Stigler)

THE MADISON CAPITAL BUILDING. i love its grandeur and loftiness. i love its weight and delicacy. i love its testament to 19th century craftsmanship. i love that it is surrounded by incredible locally grown produce every saturday in spring, summer & fall. and i love how it silences my kids (and silenced me as a child).