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Tri-fold Letterpress Save the Dates

Paperista submitted this tri-fold letterpress save the date and we love the color combination. From accommodation information to upcoming weekend events, a tri-fold save the date can provide all the thoughtful details for your guests.

ink: espresso + sand + coconut blind debossĀ | font: inigo + spencerian font | paper: 1-ply ivory | size: S-5TF | customization #: 16524 |

Awesome Letterpress Thank You Notes

We thank our friends at Kate’s Paperie for these amazing Odin thank you notes. The offset pattern carried on to the back of this card and liner keep these social notes consistent throughout. The cards are also completed with wonderful edge painting.

inks: silver + sand | fonts: alice + potter | paper: 2-ply white | printing: letterpress + offset | envelope liner: filby in sand offset + silver offset | customization #: 15830 |

These Letterpress Business Cards Will Leave You Speechless

These amazing culinary inspired business cards were brought to us by Salutations. These business cards with a letterpress front and offset back pattern will have everyone calling you back.

inks: sage + sand + papaya | fonts: smock clermont calligraphy font +social | paper: 1-ply ivory | size: B-3 | back pattern: grand champlain in papaya offset | printing: letterpress + offset | customization #: 16009 |

Custom letterpress business cards available through smock

Smock Design Contest Second Runner Up – Chic Baby Letterpress

The second runner up in our latest Smock Design Contest, as selected by guest judge Audrey from Urbanic Paper Boutique, is a truly one of a kind letterpress baby announcement from Rock Paper Scissors in Franklin, Tennessee. Using our popular Liony motif paired with our Piedmont design, it was printed in a sophisticated pairing of taupe and sand inks. A space was left for a photo and our Harrison calligraphy font was put to fine use on this cute custom creation. Thanks so much to Rock Paper Scissors for bringing us this great design!

Smock Design Contest – Custom Letterpress + Offset Wedding Invitations from Papery & Cakery

At long last, we’re excited to share the winner of our Smock Design Contest, a custom letterpress and offset wedding invitation sent to us by our friends at Papery & Cakery in Boca Raton, Florida. This design features offset printing in a custom palm tree design on the front, printed in sand ink, combined with letterpress text printed in midnight ink. It’s a sophisticated combination of texture and color that is exemplified with the perfect finishing touches – corner rounding and edge painting in midnight. The envelope was lined in our payette pattern in midnight, perfectly coordinating with all of the other design elements for a look that is polished and simply beautiful.

Our special guest judge Nole Garey of Oh So Beautiful Paper selected this design as our contest winner, because she fell in love with the combination of letterpress and offset printing. She says, “I love everything about the design, from the color selections to the midnight blue edge painting to the calligraphy details. I love the way the soft palm trees almost look like delicate feathers against the ivory background.”

Thank you so much to Papery & Cakery for sending us this incredible design and to all of our design contest winners for continually inspiring us. Thanks are also due to Nole for helping us out with the difficult task of narrowing down all of the amazing designs to just a few winners. Thank you!

To learn more about Papery & Cakery, check out their recent Smock Store Spotlight.

Smock Design Contest Winner – Rhon Lettpress Invitation with Folio from RSVP Studio

Continuing with the amazing customizations that were honored as winners in our Smock Design Contest, this incredible Rhon letterpress invitation with custom folio was brought to us by our friends at RSVP Studio in Toronto. Using a horizontal orientation and spring and sand inks, it’s a design that is fresh and fun, but also amazingly elegant.

Smock Design Contest Runner Up - Rhon Letterpress Invitation with Folio

Smock Design Contest Runner Up - Rhon Letterpress Invitation with Folio

While the invitation itself features spring and black inks, we printed the letterpress reply card in 1-color, making it a more budget-friendly option without sacrificing a bit of style. We love how pretty crisp spring ink looks on our ivory bamboo paper!

Smock Design Contest Runner Up - Rhon Letterpress Invitation with Folio

The folio features our Rhon motif in spring on the exterior with a really sophisticated use of our champlain pattern in sand on the interior. This chic combination of patterns and ink colors really made this customization stand out from the crowd.

Smock Design Contest Runner Up - Rhon Letterpress Invitation with Folio

Smock Design Contest Runner Up - Rhon Letterpress Invitation with Folio

As always, thank you to the folks at RSVP Studio for this amazing customization! It’s always so very exciting for us to see what our amazing clients and Smock stores dream up!

Sophisticated custom folios + calligraphy letterpress wedding invitations = gorgeous

We’re all for color this season, but we absolutely fell in love with this letterpress wedding invitation design that celebrates all that is good and beautiful about neutrals. This invitation is based on our Haddington design — the invitation is letterpressed in espresso ink with an elegant blind deboss palm tree at the top. All of our pocket folios are custom, so we can add whatever patterns & ink colors you’d like to the folio exterior and interior. With this invitation, we left the the folio exterior unprinted, which means the focus is all about the warmth of the bamboo paper. The interior of the folio features the champlain pattern in a gentle sand ink. Pair that with a lined envelope that mirrors the interior of the folio (champlain pattern, sand ink) — and you have an invitation that is pure sophisticated pleasure and harmony. Sent to us by our ever creative friends at JAM/Mindy Weiss in Los Angeles.

Letterpress wedding invitations - custom folio and calligraphy - by Smock
Letterpress wedding invitations - custom folio and calligraphy - by Smock
Letterpress wedding invitations - custom folio and calligraphy - by Smock