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Letterpress wedding invitations with custom pocketfold folios – wow

We had to hold ourselves back from posting hundreds of photographs of this Vettore letterpress wedding invitation. Since we custom make each of our pocket folios, clients can choose whatever patterns and ink colors they want on the interior and exterior. So check out this awesome, drop-dead gorgeous folio in spring and pearl inks (interior pattern is clairveaux, the exterior pattern is a custom pattern inspired by the Vettore illustrations). Oh we are totally in love! Sent to us by our friends at Salutations in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Letterpress wedding invitations - Vettore - Smock

Letterpress wedding invitation - custom pocketfold - Smock

Letterpress wedding invitation pocketfold - pinks and greens - Smock

Letterpress pocketfold for wedding invitation - Smock

Letterpress wedding invitation + patterns + pocketfold = love

We love the sophisticated play of patterning going on in this letterpress wedding invitation for a cool December wedding. This was a custom design based on several of Smock’s wedding patterns. The folio interior is the Rowe pattern in taupe, and the folio exterior is the Virielles pattern in sea mist (with our custom folios, you can choose any of our inks and any of our patterns for the interior and exterior). The invitation is letterpressed in taupe and sea mist, two hard-core classic and elegant inks. Sent to us by our friends at Real Card Company. Letterpress wedding invitations - custom pocketfold - Smock