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Modern Letterpress Wedding Suite in Black + Emerald Inks

Check out the emerald patterned envelope liner and the letterpressed emerald belly band, where the inspiration for both came from our Altar design.  Thanks go out to our friends at RSVP in Roslyn, New York for sending us these to print!

inks: black+ emerald | fonts: carrington stripes + leighton | paper: 2-ply white | printing: letterpress | corner rounding | liner: custom pattern in emerald | letterpress belly band | invite size: S8

elegant letterpress wedding invitations

Elegant Rhon Letterpress Wedding Invitations in Dove + Black

We’ve really fallen for these elegant Rhon letterpress invitations submitted to us by our friends at Village Invites in New York City.  The cascading vines provide the perfect balance of romance and sophistication to this suite.  Tossing in a metallic platinum envelope liner adds a touch of shimmer and makes this set even more stylish.

inks: black + dove | fonts: lazlo + etienne | paper: 2-ply white | printing: letterpress | liner: metallic platinum| size: S8SQ

elegant letterpress wedding invitations

Delicate Kurai Letterpress Wedding Invitations

These beautiful Kurai invites were brought to us by the creative minds at Judy Paulen Designs. We absolutely love how the soft, delicate colors are used throughout the letterpress wedding invitation suite.

inks: sage + coconut | fonts: cecelia + inigo | paper: 2-ply ivory | printing: letterpress + offset | envelope liner: sherbrooke in sage -offset | invite size: S8SQ | customization #: 15201 |

Kurai letterpress wedding invitations are delicate in sage and coconut inks

Rustic Evan Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Our good friends at Pearl Grant Richmans in Albany, New York submitted this exquisite letterpress suite to us for printing. The modernized font choices keep this set refreshing and the color combination of our espresso and grass inks looks absolutely beautiful.

inks: espresso + emerald | fonts: millicent + carrington + morisot |custom artwork: submitted |paper: 2-ply ivory | printing: letterpress | liner: the croft pattern in emerald | invite size: S7

Smock Trunk Show at Paper and Chocolate in Dallas on October 19!

We are thrilled to announce that our next trunk show will be at Paper and Chocolate in Dallas, Texas! Smock’s very own Jenna Wysokowski will be helping host the show along with Peggy Post (great-granddaughter-in-law of etiquette master Emily Post), who will be in the store Friday answering etiquette questions! Please call Paper and Chocolate if you have any questions or if you would like to schedule an appointment. We hope to see you there!

Custom Bat Mitzvah Invitations – Letterpressed in Beautiful Blues

Penelope at The Dandelion Patch in Vienna, Virginia submitted this ultramodern custom Bat Mitzvah invitation suite for printing.  On the invitation, the custom submitted artwork spells out their daughter’s initials, ZLK – and we think this is done in the most adorable fashion.  This colorful and edgy set features our ocean, peacock and robin’s egg inks – and maintains the contemporary vibe throughout each piece. With an enclosed travel card, guests can get the lowdown on everything they need to know about the local area.  Personality and creativity shine through this unique suite – and we couldn’t be any more excited to be sharing this with you.

inks: ocean + peacock + robin’s egg | font: smock bescal + lawrence| paper: 2-ply white bamboo | printing: letterpress | invite size: S8

This is a custom modern Smock letterpress bat mitzvah invitation

Dawson Design – Formality in Three Colors

This delicate and effervescent Dawson letterpress suite is one of the most beautiful customizations we’ve seen done to this design.  Wedding invitations should truly set the tone for the big day and should convey the formality and feel of the upcoming nupitals.  With that said we feel that this set is spot on – the inkless blind deboss creates the most perfect and refined backdrop.  Silver and lavender, two more soft ink colors keep this suite traditional.  Offset belly bands that include the couple’s initials inside a cartouche is a fabulous finishing touch!  We’d like to give our thanks to our friends at Westwood Paper Company in Carmel, Indiana for sending us this charming set.

inks: inkless blind deboss + silver + lavender | fonts: smock spencerian + graham | paper: 2-ply white| printing: letterpress | front patterning on reception card: limited sinclair in lavender | offset belly band | invite size: S8

This is a 3 color customization of the Dawnson letterpress invitation printed by Smock

Romantic Die-Cut Letterpressed Wedding Invitations in Whisper + Taupe

Our wonderful friend Katy at The Inviting Place in Tulsa, Oklahoma sent us this stunning letterpress wedding set for printing.  The softer color palette makes for a very pretty wedding invitation and we think you’ll agree this set is flawless.  Of course the die-cut adds more of a modern feel to the invitation, but the romance is definitely alive.  We’ve noticed that neutral color palettes have been popular this wedding season – and this just happens to be another set we’ve fallen head over heels in love with.

inks: taupe + whisper | fonts: lazlo + cecilia| paper: 2-ply white | printing: letterpress | die cut: plymouth | edge paint: whisper | liner: the genval pattern in whisper | letterpress belly band |invite size: s8


Bilingual Letterpress Odin Wedding Invitation Suite

Here at Smock our Odin design is one of the invitations in particular that we get really excited about seeing customized and personalized.  And we feel that our friend, Cheryl at Paper Studio in Ontario, Canada did a fabulous job dreaming up this Odin suite.  Letterpressed in taupe and eggplant inks this bilingual set includes an English language invitation and a French language invitation.  The back of each card is offset printed in our willoughby pattern in taupe, adding even more personality to this lively suite.  The envelopes are lined in metallic camel providing a picture perfect contrast against their wedding colors.

inks: taupe + eggplant | font: claudel + percy | paper: 1-ply ivory bamboo | printing: letterpress |corner rounding |back patterning: willoughby in taupe |liner: metallic camel| invite size: S8

whimsical letterpress wedding invitations

Letterpressed Wedding Invitations – Breton Design in Warm, Rustic Colors

Check out this letterpressed Breton suite submitted by our good friend, Laura at Rugg Road Paper Company in Boston, Massachusetts.  We’ve fallen for the warm color palette of saffron and merlot inks.  The simplicity of this set is endearing and ever so sweet.  The two color border around the invitation creates a perfect frame and we love that this set doesn’t go overboard on design elements.  And adding a custom offset liner printed in the same ink colors as the rest of the set adds even more of a romantic feel.

inks: saffron + merlot |fonts: smock harrison + cooper | paper: 1-ply ivory| printing: letterpress | liner: custom pattern in saffron + merlot | invite size: S8

modern patterned letterpress invitations


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