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Beautiful Evans Letterpress Wedding Suite in Silver + Apricot

Thanks go out to our friends at Annie P Paperie for this Evans letterpress + offset wedding suite customization. We love how they carried their design ideas throughout the entire set, making this very cohesive and elegant.

inks: silver + apricot | fonts: cahun + lazlo | paper: 1-ply white | invitation size: S8 | printing: letterpress + offset | customization #: 15494

Apricot and silver are an elegant customization

Rustic Evan Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Our good friends at Pearl Grant Richmans in Albany, New York submitted this exquisite letterpress suite to us for printing. The modernized font choices keep this set refreshing and the color combination of our espresso and grass inks looks absolutely beautiful.

inks: espresso + emerald | fonts: millicent + carrington + morisot |custom artwork: submitted |paper: 2-ply ivory | printing: letterpress | liner: the croft pattern in emerald | invite size: S7

Stunning Evans Letterpress Wedding Invitations

We had the fortune of printing these great Evans letterpress wedding invitations for our friends at Epitome Papers. It’s jobs like these that show us that our stores are the creative ones!!!

inks: midnight + inkless blind deboss | fonts: spence | paper: 1-ply white + 2-ply white | printing: letterpress + offset | folio: exterior pattern: willoughby in inkless blind deboss letterpress + interior pattern: willoughby in midnight letterpress | liner: willoughby in midnight offset | invite size: S-7SQ folio

formal letterpress wedding invitation designs