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We Are Sweatin’ This Breton

We thank our friends from Paper & Chocolate for this Breton customization. The die-cut pieces are a great look for this suite and the back patterning really gives this some pop. The custom folio packages these invitations perfectly for a polished look.

ink: grass + black + peacock | fonts: auden + cecilia | paper: 1-ply white  | printing: letterpress + offset | back patterning: fleming in peacock | invite size: S7 Chesapeake Die for Folio | Custom Folio: Interior (cusom design in peacock) ; Exterior (blank) | customization #:14593 |

A gorgeous folio and tree motifs make this letterpress wedding invitation perfect

Letterpressed Wedding Invitations – Breton Design in Warm, Rustic Colors

Check out this letterpressed Breton suite submitted by our good friend, Laura at Rugg Road Paper Company in Boston, Massachusetts.  We’ve fallen for the warm color palette of saffron and merlot inks.  The simplicity of this set is endearing and ever so sweet.  The two color border around the invitation creates a perfect frame and we love that this set doesn’t go overboard on design elements.  And adding a custom offset liner printed in the same ink colors as the rest of the set adds even more of a romantic feel.

inks: saffron + merlot |fonts: smock harrison + cooper | paper: 1-ply ivory| printing: letterpress | liner: custom pattern in saffron + merlot | invite size: S8

modern patterned letterpress invitations


Colorful + Adorable Letterpress Invitations

Our lovely friend Georgia at Georgia Ann’s Paperie in Duluth, Georgia submitted these beautiful Breton invitations to us for printing.  With a pairing of our phlox and yolk inks, we are able to share such a vibrant and feminine color palette with you.  These invitations are inviting guests to a luncheon and bridal demonstration with a guest of honor.  We think that contemporary ink colors and our smock harrison font are what makes this set so playful and brilliant.  The whimsical vibe continues on the dovre offset back patterning – adding more personality to a set with already a whole lot of character!

inks: phlox + yolk | fonts: smock harrison | paper 2-ply white | printing: letterpress |back pattern: the dovre pattern in phlox | signature liner: C9E1-2 | invite size: S-8 plymouth die

modern and coloful wedding invitations