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Smock Design Contest – Three Color Engagdine Letterpress Invitation from Kate’s Paperie

It’s not every day that we get to print an insanely beautiful 3-color letterpress wedding invitation and this one, a customization of our Engadine design and honoree in our Smock Design Contest from Kate’s Paperie, is just that – insanely beautiful. Printed in soft cream, verbena and periwinkle inks, this lovely letterpress wedding invitation is truly one of a kind. Using our Smock Spencerian calligraphy font in verbena and our Stockton serif font in periwinkle, this customization feels both bold and modern yet soft and pretty. Opting to use the Engadine leaf motif at the top of the invitation as opposed to in the lower corner as in the original design further personalizes the invitation, making it a true reflection of the couple and their wedding.

Smock Design Contest Runner Up - Engadine Letterpress Invitation

Smock Design Contest Runner Up - Engadine Letterpress Invitation

Thanks so much to our friends at Kate’s Paperie for sending along this customization – we always love the opportunity to print a really fabulous 3-color letterpress wedding invitation!