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One thing I love: ‘our’ lunch dates (by Amy Graham Stigler)

‘OUR’ LUNCH DATE. usually at our favorite sushi spot. although we try to do the occasional ‘date-night,’ lunch dates are a bit easier to squeeze in and they offer the perfect amount of time to reacquaint and revitalize. and afterward i always feel grateful that i have someone as inspired as my husband to share them with.
Amy Graham Stigler inspiration: lunch date 1
Amy Graham Stigler inspiration: lunch date 2

One thing I love: Blanc D’Chine (by Amy Graham Stigler)

BLANC D’CHINE. I have already established that I am a collector. But as I get older and my tolerance for clutter gets little-er I have focused my ever-seeking eye. Having said that if its ‘white’ and ‘patina-ed’ and ‘a pair’ it generally ends up in my keep. Like these ladies who travel from home to studio and back again. They seem quite content with their plight.
Amy Graham Stigler design inspiration #14a - for Smock

One thing I love: vintage glass ornaments (by Amy Graham Stigler)

VINTAGE GLASS ORNAMENTS.  You can never have enough.  Well, I suppose you can, but we break at least a half a dozen a year so we keep a  ‘cushion.’  I place them in bowls and vases and on mantels & trees. My kids love to view their reflection in them (like mini gazing balls) and my husband loves to shout ‘don’t drop!’ when they are doing so. Alas, they don’t always listen so the broom is always close at hand.

Vintage ornaments - Amy Graham Stigler
Vintage ornaments - Amy Graham Stigler

One thing I love: our yard in winter (by Amy Graham Stigler)

OUR YARD IN WINTER. My memories are filled with trees. As a child I spent a lot of time daydreaming, looking skyward through branches and leaves and blooms. In the winter, I favored making snow angels to snow men (less work, more reverie). Another chance for recumbent repose. As I point my camera north I recall just how it felt: cheeks chapped, arms and legs akimbo, mind filled. I can even taste the falling flakes.
Amy Graham Stigler design inspiration #12a - for Smock
Amy Graham Stigler design inspiration #12b - for Smock

One thing I love #9: this jacket (by Amy Graham Stigler)

This jacket. For so many reasons. First, it heralds in the holidays (which, at our house, begins with november birthdays). Second, it reminds me of childhood parties filled with a mob of parents and cheek kisses and tom collins and clinking glasses. Oh, and the special privilege of staying up way (way) past my bedtime. And lastly (and perhaps most importantly) is the fact that my husband looks quite dashing in plaid.
Amy Graham Stigler inspiration #10b
Amy Graham Stigler inspiration #10a

One thing I love #8: Legos (by Amy Graham Stigler)

LEGOS. Because without them we would all have cabin fever. Seriously. My oldest plays legos for at least an hour every day. Sometimes more. Weekends can be lego building marathons with my three children and husband hunkered on the floor surrounded by mounds of colors and shapes. Even my middle and youngest build away. Putting green with blue and red with orange to create asymmetrical towers and imaginative aliens. What am I doing during all of this quiet activity, you ask? Loads of laundry, paying the bills or sweeping the floor. Or on a good day writing a blog entry.
Amy Graham Stigler inspiration #8

One thing I love #6 (by Amy Graham Stigler)

POCOYO. For my kids anyway. And, truth be told, for my husband too. Its a post bath ritual at our house to jump in bed with the laptop and watch an episode. In fact, our youngest, has officially named the computer “Pocoyo” as if its the cute little guy himself. Then she hums the tune & claps her hands until we turn it on. Which explains why the computer is often under cover, quite literally. A favorite:

Amy Graham Stigler inspiration #6

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