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One thing I love #5 (by Amy Graham Stigler)

INDIAN SUMMERS. For one, they remind me of our true summers — which are, where we live in Wisconsin, filled with water and sand and popsicles. Oh, and a good amount of sailing. By the time the last regatta roles around we are ready for the quieter days of fall and the quietest days of winter. But we love those days of sunshine and boat rides while they last and miss them when they’re gone.

Amy Graham Stigler inspiration #5a

Amy Graham Stigler inspiration #5b

One thing I love #4 (by Amy Graham Stigler)

THE MADISON CAPITAL BUILDING. i love its grandeur and loftiness. i love its weight and delicacy. i love its testament to 19th century craftsmanship. i love that it is surrounded by incredible locally grown produce every saturday in spring, summer & fall. and i love how it silences my kids (and silenced me as a child).

One thing I love #3 (by Amy Graham Stigler)

My Studio. After a many wonderful, albeit ‘unboundaried’, years of working from home I moved into a lovely space in a neighboring town. Here is a peek. Furniture still needs to be found and things still need to be finessed but I love the quiet and the fact that ‘everything has its place until /I /move it’ and the clarity of “mommy’s at work.” Consequently, I better appreciate the (many many) squeals and questions and “hold-me’s” I receive when I return home.

One thing I love (by Amy Graham Stigler)

Smock note: we’re excited that our designer Amy Graham Stigler will be sharing her inspiration every Friday here on this blog. Amy has been an inspiration to us every day for many years now, so we’re glad you’ll get a chance to know her better too. xo, Smock

I’m not sure if its good precedent to start my first entry with a cheat. But I will nonetheless. This week it’s the three things i love: my beautiful, inquisitive & (at this very moment) screeching children. Each one a source of endless inspiration and constant diversion. So gone are the days of uninterrupted contemplation and perfectionist tweaking. Good bye. (Good riddance). Now my days are filled with pancake breakfasts, bedtime stories and kissed knees.

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