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Smock Mom – Fun with Father’s Day Cards

Smock’s creative director, Amy Graham Stigler, is a successful designer and an incredible mother. We are thrilled that Amy will be sharing weekly glimpses into life as a designer and a mom, and snippets of inspiration along the way. You can read Amy’s past posts on the Smock blog here. First up, Amy’s kids have fun with homemade Father’s Day Cards…

Homemade Father's Day Card

It seems apropos that the children of a card designer love designing cards. And, oh boy, are my children prolific (and competitively so). Father’s Day alone resulted in 20 plus cards filled with loving sentiment and vibrant color.

Homemade Father's Day Card

The best part is that our mantel is always filled with a seasonally-appropriate-budget-friendly display of original artwork…

Homemade Father's Day Cards