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Custom vintage letterpress wedding invitations

This stunning letterpress wedding invitation was submitted to us by our friends at Pretty as a Picture in Co. Wicklow, Ireland.  Jane and Ailbhe love to create custom designs that are intricate but still work very well on letterpress.  The simple Black ink on 2-ply bamboo ivory paper helps the focus remain on the detailed artwork which is what we think makes this invitation beautiful.  We’re also very excited for our Irish friends to come visit Smock in a couple weeks!

ink: black | fonts: cameron| paper: 2-ply ivory | printing: letterpress | invite size: s-8 |

by Nathan Fleming, Client Coordinator.

Pretty as a Picture – Custom Letterpress Invitations

Last year we had the pleasure of printing custom letterpress wedding invitations for our friends Ailbhe and Jane at Pretty as a Picture in Ireland for Jane’s own wedding. We’re so excited to share the inspiration and design process behind the gorgeous final design. First up, Jane’s inspiration board…

  1. Edinburgh – where they had their first few dates
  2. Thistle, a representation of Scotland
  3. The bridesmaids dresses – purple colour scheme for wedding
  4. The wedding car
  5. Summerhill House Hotel – where they were getting married
  6. Their house
  7. The church in Wicklow Town where they were getting married
  8. Their baby
  9. An engagement photo
  10. Golf – John Joe’s favorite hobby
  11. A clock to represent the time of the church

All of that inspiration, came together in this first sketch by Ailbhe, which incorporated whimsical imagery and representations of Jane and John Joe’s zodiac signs…

Later the design was finalized and streamlined…

And then we letterpress printed the design on our 2-ply bamboo paper in a custom shade of purple and taupe inks.

We loved seeing how Jane’s inspiration came to life and how Ailbhe’s amazing sketches turned into really fabulous letterpress invitations. Read more about the design process and Jane’s inspiration on Pretty as a Picture’s blog. Thank you for sharing, ladies!

{Photos by Pretty as a Picture.}