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Vibrant glacier + gold foil stamped wedding invitations

We love when our clients customize their invitations and have fun with all of our patterns! These custom wedding invitations from Lion in the Sun were inspired by our Palmes customization and feature our van pattern on the front and our lashar pattern on the back. Gold matte foil stamping ups the elegance factor while a pretty patterned envelope liner in our papaya ink adds an extra pop of color.

Elegant letterpress & foil stamped wedding invitations

letterpress ink: glacier | foil: gold matte | fonts: lawrence + flora | paper: 1-ply white bamboo | printing: letterpress + foil + offset | sizes: S-8 + S-5 | back pattern: lashar pattern in glacier ink | envelope liner: marav pattern in papaya ink | corner rounding | customization #: 18598 | Lion in the Sun

Keira Letterpress + Foil Stamped Wedding Invitations

Our Keira design is one of our favorites.  Even though this letterpress and foil stamped suite submitted by Monograham is similar to our sample we love the personalized sleeve complete with the couple’s wedding date!

foil stamping: gold matte | letterpress ink: glacier |  fonts: ruby + greenaway | paper: 2-ply white | invite size: s-7 |  edge painting:  metallic gold | sleeve: glacier |  customization #: 19170Smock's Keira Letterpress and Foil Stamped Wedding Invitations featured with a customized letterpress sleeve.