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A Stunning Letterpress + Foil + Offset Wedding Suite

No Regrets seems to show no bias toward any embellishments, managing successfully to incorporate so many into one design!  Letterpress, Offset, Foil, Edge Paint, Back patterns, Custom liners….if there was ever a need to show how to combine all of these options without making a design seem too busy or cluttered, this would be it.

letterpress ink: taupe + papaya | foil: silver shine | fonts: cecilia + lawrence + carrington | paper: 2-ply ivory  | printing: letterpress + foil | offset back pattern metallic silver | edge painting: metallic silver | offset liner: taihu in papaya | invite size: S8-Square | customization #: 15356 |

Combining letterpress, foil and offset is a great way to customize your wedding invitations.

Letterpress Weekend Events Schedule

Having first printed beautiful letterpress wedding invitations for Cathy and Tom in our Cavall design, we were sincerely thrilled when No Regrets in Newton, Massachusetts contacted us again about printing letterpress event schedules for the couple’s guests. Using the same size booklet as our letterpress program covers, we created a completely custom piece where we letterpressed the exterior and offset printed all of the weekend event information on the inside so guests would know where to be, what to see and what to wear the weekend of Cathy and Tom’s celebration. The exterior is letterpress printed in raspberry and peacock inks while all of the details inside were flat offset printed in peacock. We also corner rounded the booklet to give it that perfect finishing touch, making it a truly special way for the couple to welcome their guests and invite them to join in on all of the weekend fun.

Letterpress Events Program

Letterpress Events Program - Interior

Letterpress Events Schedule
Thanks to team at No Regrets for the great opportunity to print something so special and fun!

Cavall letterpress wedding invitation for a Valentine Day wedding

This is a vibrantly cool variation of our Cavall letterpress wedding invitation design — and it really showcases how back printing & envelope lining can make an invitation unforgettable. This invitation is for a Valentine’s Day wedding, so the mix of a peacock blue-green ink for the invitation, and raspberry ink for the envelope liner and backing, seemed perfect to us. We love the elegant energy of the patterns at play too (the Seneca pattern for the liner — one of our most popular patterns right now — and the Ledon pattern for the backing). We just couldn’t stop looking at this set! This invitation was sent to us by No Regrets in Newton, Massachusetts.

Cavall letterpress wedding invitation - reds and blues - by Smock
Cavall letterpress wedding invitation - cool red pattern! - by Smock
Letterpress accommodation card for wedding invitation suite - by Smock