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Elegant Floral Wedding Invitations featuring our Keira design

Jacquelyn and Ross customized our Keira design for their late summer wedding at the Cheekwood Botanical Gardens. We printed reply cards and website cards to match their elegant floral wedding invitations, which feature letterpress printing in dove ink and our popular tawny matte foil.

Elegant wedding invitations with foil + letterpress printing from SmockElegant wedding invitations with foil + letterpress printing from Smock Elegant wedding invitations with foil + letterpress printing from Smock

letterpress ink: dove |  foil color: tawny matte | fonts:Jules + Lazlo | paper: 2-ply + 1-ply white | size: S-8 + S-5 + S-3 | envelope liners: sinclair pattern in dove | customization #23682 | Landis Stationery & Gifts 

Typographic Bar Mitzvah Invitations

We customized our Brynn design to create Logan’s modern typographic Bar Mitzvah invitations. Letterpress printed in navy ink, the invitations feature silver foil stamping to highlight Logan’s name, with a digitally printed Rainier patterned backing adding a fun design element to the back. In addition to the invitation, colorful patterns were included on both the reply cards and the envelope liners, adding a stylish touch to this otherwise minimalist invitation set.

Typographic Bar Mitzvah letterpress invitations from Smock Typographic Bar Mitzvah letterpress invitations from Smock featuring a colorful patterned backing + envelope liners Typographic Bar Mitzvah letterpress invitations from Smock

letterpress ink: navy |  foil color: silver matte | digitally printed back patterning: rainier 2 pattern in navy + pewter + dove + slate | font: Impression | paper: 1-ply white | size: S-8 + S-5 | envelope liners: fleming pattern in navy + pewter + dove + slate | customization #24210 | The Printed Page

Custom Gold Foil B’nai Mitzvah Invitations

Roll out the red carpet: these custom gold foil B’nai Mitzvah invitations from Simply Put are showstoppers. We printed an invitation, party card, and reply card for this dazzling set, which boasts modern, Hollywood inspired fonts and playful cinematic motifs — perfect for a glamorous celebration.

Custom B'nai Mitzvah invitations from Smock Custom B'nai Mitzvah invitations from Smock Custom B'nai Mitzvah invitations from Smock

letterpress ink: black |  foil color: gold matte | fonts + artwork: custom submitted | paper: 1-ply white | size: S-8SQ+ S-6SQ + S-5 | customization #25706 | Simply Put

Oversized Monogram Wedding Invitations

We customized our Finley Bat Mitzvah design to create Marielena and Rick’s monogram wedding invitations. Letterpress printed in taupe ink, the invitations feature an elegant, oversized monogram in gold matte foil. Reply cards, website cards, and personalized social notes were also printed to match the set.

Custom gold foil Finley wedding invitations from Smock Custom gold foil Finley wedding invitations from Smock Custom gold foil Finley wedding stationery from Smock

letterpress ink: taupe |  foil color: gold matte | fonts: durham + worthington | paper: 3-ply + 1-ply ivory | size: S-8+ S-5 + S-3 + S-5F | envelope liners: metallic gold | foil edge: gold matte | customization #25638 | Village Invites

Gold + plum letterpress wedding invitations with Rainier patterned envelope liners

Letterpress printed in plum ink, Alexis and Sergio’s Barnesly invitations featured gold foil accents and our exclusive Ruby calligraphy font by Molly Jacques. An informational ‘particulars’ card was included with the set to share details regarding travel and accommodations. Rainier patterned envelope liners in plum, navy and lavender inks made for a memorable statement on these elegant letterpress wedding invitations.

Custom plum + gold foil Barnesly wedding invitations from SmockCustom plum + gold foil Barnesly wedding invitations from Smock  Custom plum + gold foil Barnesly wedding invitations from Smock

letterpress ink: plum |  foil color: gold matte | fonts: Smock Ruby + Covington | paper: 2-ply + 1-ply white | size: S-8+ S-6SQ + S-5SQ | envelope liners: Rainier pattern in plum + lavender + navy | customization #24413 | If It’s Paper

Minty fresh gold foil stamped wedding invitations

Kristyn and Eric customized our Palmes design for their September wedding in Virginia. We letterpress printed their wedding invitations in fresh mint ink, and added gold matte foil for a touch of shine. The couple used our Marav pattern around the border of the invitation, with the reverse pattern taking center stage on the reply card and details card. Solid mint envelope liners gave the set a polished finish.

Palmes foil stamped + letterpress wedding invitations from Smock

letterpress ink: mint | foil color: gold matte | fonts: worthington + mina | paper: 1-ply white | size: S-8 + S-5 | envelope liners: sinclair pattern in mint | customization #: 18800 | The Dandelion Patch

Elegant Gold Foil Bat Mitzvah Invitations

For Isabel’s Bat Mitzvah invitations, we customized our Robson invitation design with a hint of gold shine foil and papaya inks. The invitations were embellished with papaya edge paint and festive papaya envelope liners  to tie everything together.

Gold + papaya letterpress and foil stamped Bat Mitzvah invitations from Smock

letterpress ink: papaya | foil color: gold shine | fonts: peale & flora | paper: 2-ply ivory | sizes: S-8 + S-5| envelope liners: pearl pattern in papaya ink | edge painting: papaya | customization #: 19757 | Kate’s Paperie

Artistic Letterpress + foil stamped 40th Birthday Party Invitations

We loved working with our friends at The Pleasure of Your Company  on these unique 40th birthday party invitations. These artistic invitations were letterpress printed in classic black ink on our white bamboo paper, with creative design elements reminiscent of paint splatters printed in silver shine foil.

Custom silver foil stamped birthday party invitations from Smock

custom submitted artwork + fonts | letterpress ink: black | foil color: silver shine  | paper: 2-ply white | size: S-8 | customization #: 23678 | The Pleasure of Your Company 

Custom Photo New Year’s Cards

We worked with The Write Touch on these heartwarming New Year’s cards. The cards featured two components: a digitally printed photo card with tawny matte foil stamping and navy letterpress back patterning, and a letterpress and foil stamped die-cut tag. The two pieces were held together with a shiny gold grommet and dark indigo ribbon. Navy pearl patterned envelopes added a nice finishing touch to the set, which paid tribute to a beloved pet.

Custom holiday cards from Smock

letterpress ink: navy | foil color: tawny matte | digital printing: cmyk process | back patterning: pearl pattern in navy letterpress ink | fonts: hutton, darby, woodville & sutton | paper: 1-ply white | sizes: S5 + S2 die-cut tag | envelope liners: pearl pattern in navy | gold grommet | dark indigo ribbon | customization #: 20946 | The Write Touch 

Rainier Surprise Birthday Party Invitations + Custom Belly Bands

These fun surprise birthday party invitations were printed for Steve’s 65th birthday celebration. We customized our Rainier design in a sleek color palette of platinum shine foil paired with taupe letterpress ink. A custom belly band with the word “Shhhhhh…” was the first thing guests would read upon opening this handsome invitation. Rainier patterned envelope liners added an elegant finishing touch.

Foil stamped surprise birthday party invitations featuring the Rainier invitation design by Smock

letterpress ink: taupe | foil color: platinum shine | font:  auden | paper: 2-ply white | sizes: S-8SQ | envelope liners: rainier pattern in taupe + espresso + jute + pewter inks | belly band: platinum shine foil | customization #: 21995 | Paper Habit

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