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Monogrammed engagement party invitations

For Maura and Charlie’s monogrammed engagement party invitations, we went with a monochromatic look, letterpress printing the invitations in pewter ink and using our white rose vintage print pattern for the coordinating envelope liners. We worked with Marissa Allie Designs to create the set, which was inspired by our Finley Bat Mitzvah suite, and we loved seeing the design reimagined for an engagement party!  

Letterpress engagement party invitations from Smock Monogrammed engagement party invitations from Smock Monogrammed engagement party invitations from Smock

letterpress ink: pewter | fonts + design: worthington and cameron, Finley design | paper: 1-ply white | size: S-6 | envelope liner: white rose vintage print pattern | customization #29339 | Marissa Allie Designs 

Oversized Monogram Wedding Invitations

We customized our Finley Bat Mitzvah design to create Marielena and Rick’s monogram wedding invitations. Letterpress printed in taupe ink, the invitations feature an elegant, oversized monogram in gold matte foil. Reply cards, website cards, and personalized social notes were also printed to match the set.

Custom gold foil Finley wedding invitations from Smock Custom gold foil Finley wedding invitations from Smock Custom gold foil Finley wedding stationery from Smock

letterpress ink: taupe |  foil color: gold matte | fonts: durham + worthington | paper: 3-ply + 1-ply ivory | size: S-8+ S-5 + S-3 + S-5F | envelope liners: metallic gold | foil edge: gold matte | customization #25638 | Village Invites

Elegant Finley Bat Mitzvah Invitations with yellow accents

We worked with Jackie at Orrganics to customize our Finley Bat Mitzvah invitations for Elisabeth’s November celebration. The invitations featured gold matte foil stamping and yolk letterpress ink on our ultra thick 3-ply bamboo paper, with blind debossed floral accents adding a subtle design element. The invitations were corner rounded and edge painted in yolk ink, which coordinated with the pop of yellow on the invitations as well as the patterned envelope liners.

Elegant Finley Bat Mitzvah invitations from SmockElegant Finley Bat Mitzvah invitations from Smock with bright yellow edge painting    Elegant Finley Bat Mitzvah invitations from Smock

letterpress inks: inkless blind deboss + yolk |  foil color: gold matte | fonts: Smock Plaza + Lazlo + New Peninim Hebrew | paper: 3-ply + 1-ply white | size: S-8SQ+ S-6SQ + S-5SQ | edge painting: yolk | envelope liners: Ashford pattern in yolk | corner rounding | customization #23720 | Orrganics

Elegant Bat Mitzvah Invitations + Party Ideas for Finley

Our new Finley Bat Mitzvah invitations are equal parts feminine, elegant, and youthful. Printed in our violet + gossamer inks on our new, ultra thick 3-ply paper and accented with tawny matte foil, these square invitations call for a celebration filled with pretty floral decor and the sweetest of treats.

Elegant + feminine Finley Bat Mitzvah invitations + party inspiration from Smock

Photo credits: Chair / TartsCake / Poms