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Inspirational Letterpress Holiday Cards

This petite letterpress holiday card may be small, but it won’t get overlooked in the mail! A bright combination of cherry and gold make our spirits bright, while a hopeful message reminds us to believe there is good in the world. Thanks to Buchanan Ink for sending this good cheer our way!

inks: cherry + gold | fonts: gertrude + louise | paper: 1-ply white | printing: letterpress | size: S5 | customization #: 16087 |

You can order custom holiday cards in your favorite colors.

Smock Custom Letterpress Holiday Cards

With Christmas and New Year’s Eve just around the corner, we wanted to share a few more of the lovely custom letterpress holiday cards and invitations we’ve been printing this season. The first is a custom letterpress holiday invitation, a piece we printed for our friends at Paper & Chocolate in Dallas. It is printed in festive red ink with red edge painting paired with an envelope lined in our iznik pattern in grass ink.

Letterpress Holiday Invitation by Smock

Letterpress Holiday Invitation by Smock

Letterpress Holiday Invitation with Edge Painting by Smock

This letterpress holiday card, brought to us by Cotton Idea Studio in Newport Beach, California,  features space to attach a photo and is printed in a unique holiday color combination of pool and spring inks. The card was then edge painted in pool.

Letterpress Holiday Card by Smock

Letterpress Holiday Card by Smock

These custom hang tags are the perfect holiday gift tags, printed for Buchanan Ink in Nashville. It is letterpress printed in spring ink then hole drilled and grommeted for the making of fabulous holiday packaging.

Letterpress Holiday Hang Tag by Smock