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Smock Store Spotlight: Paperista’s Letterpress Wedding Gown

We were SO excited to team up with Antoinette at Paperista for the incredible paper project that we’re about to share. The stationery boutique wanted to create a super-special display for a recent bridal event, so they teamed up with a local college design student to create fashion out of paper. Rika VanHeerde Snyder – a student in the Apparel Design Program at the University of Minnesota and intern at Joynoelle – created the most amazing, one-of-a-kind, letterpress wedding gown and cocktail dress for the display. The dresses were made entirely from recycled Smock stationery and invitations, as well as a bit of our eco-friendly gift wrap. We were completely blown away by the end result — take a look!

Rika VanHeerde Snyder -- paper dress designer

Rika worked with hundreds of scraps of bamboo paper to create the dresses.

The corset top on the wedding gown is completely stunning. The gown was crafted with our ivory bamboo paper, and some of the letterpress ink colors that are shown include raspberry, mango and taupe.

The cocktail dress was created with our white bamboo paper and features pretty hints of blue (our Ceylon gift wrap).

A huge thank you to the lovely ladies at Paperista for choosing to work with us on this incredible project!

{Photos by Erica Loeks Photography}

DIY with Smock – Eco Book Covers

Got the back to school blues? This DIY is an adorable way to spruce up your school books (or any other books, for that matter) and it’s super easy! You will need:

  • Your favorite Smock gift wrap (our picks from the left: Pageant, Plume, Jade, April, and Beetle)
  • A ruler
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • A pen or pencil

To start, you’ll need to measure and cut your sheet of gift wrap to fit your book. We recommend giving a 3-4-inch margin on either side of the (open) book, and then a 1-2-inch margin above and below the book.

After you’ve cut your gift wrap, fold up the top and bottom of the sheet. Be sure that the folds are not shorter than the book. Use a few pieces of tape in the middle to keep everything straight.

Next, with the book inside, fold the paper in half, making sure the sides are even. Then, take the top part of the gift wrap and fold it neatly under the book’s cover. Repeat this step on the bottom.

After you’ve made even folds, carefully slip onto the book, securing the book’s cover into the little pockets that the folds create. Secure with tape.

Tada! We are loving the end result. And since our gift wrap is double-sided, you can alternate patterns – perfect for prettying up a set of books to display at home!


Assembling Your Letterpress Wedding Invitations – Smock Style

You’ve sent save the dates. Ordered invitations. Received invitations. Jumped for joy. Then stopped to realize you haven’t got a clue how to put these things together. Not sure how to stack your cards? Invitation assembly got you stumped? Don’t worry – we can help! Check out this how to and allow us to walk you through the entire process – we made it easy for you!



DIY Project – Make your own Pinwheels with Smock’s Eco-Gift Wrap!

Couldn’t make it to the Summer Social at Urbanic? Dying to make your own bundle of fabulous Smock pinwheels? Here’s the how-to!

No great pinwheel is complete without our eco gift wrap – it’s double-sided, so you’ll get bold & beautiful patterns no matter which way you decide to create your masterpiece. Our gift wrap is sustainably printed on 100% post-consumer recycled, FSC-certified paper, so it’s not just pretty, but it’s eco-friendly, too! We’re diggin’ the Sorbet, Pollen and Anchor gift wraps – so perfect for summertime. Pick out your favorite patterns & get crafting today!

Photography – The Why We Love

DIY Party Fun with Smock Gift Wrap

Inspired by our bright red and purple Picadilly and Flounce eco gift wrap, I created this modern party inspiration shoot for my blog, The Sweetest Occasion. I used a paper punch to create hearts from the gift wrap and then hot glued them to small dowels to form a cute DIY cake topper. Recycled cardboard heart-shaped boxes got a coat of gold spray paint and then were topped with a gift wrap heart. I chose bright purple and red anemones  simply arranged in sleek white vases to pick up on the colors of the gift wrap. DIY twizzle sticks using metallic purple pom poms hot glued to bamboo sticks and a few raspberries tossed in with the champagne bring the whole look together. We love seeing how people put our pretty double-sided gift wrap to use so please share you inspired creations with us!

{Photos by Megan Dailor.}

Handmade Notebook Made from Smock Gift Wrap on Etsy

We were clicking around Etsy this morning, and happened upon this incredible handmade notebook and instantly fell in love. And, really, how would we not love it? Made by Etsy seller RedOtter, this notebook features Smock’s double-sided 100% post consumer recycled gift wrap and it’s absolutely beautiful! Thanks so much to RedOtter for choosing Smock paper for one of your lovely journals and for making us smile today!

Notebook Made with Smock Gift Wrap

Notebook Made with Smock Gift Wrap

Notebook Made with Smock Gift Wrap

{Photos by RedOtter}

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