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Watercolor baby shower invitations with platinum foil accents

Thanks to the help of our friends at the Papery of Philadelphia, we were able to create these darling watercolor baby shower invitations for Megan. Our Vista design has never looked sweeter with the addition of little star motifs and a die-cut shape added to create a more youthful feel. The wording popped off the page in our Platinum Shine foil with a soft, subtle watercolor background behind it. With a nod to Doctor Seuss written across the top of the page and a map of the world as the envelope liner, it’s easy to see that everyone wishes a big, bright future for this little boy to come!

Watercolor baby shower invitations from Smock

Watercolor baby shower invitations from SmockFoil stamping color: Platinum Shine | Digital ink color: CMYK Process | Fonts: Durham + Darby Filled | Design: Vista | Paper: 1 ply bamboo | Size: S-8 Chesapeake | Customization: 37676 | Papery of Philadelphia

Modern watercolor rehearsal dinner invitations

Natasha and Jordan reimagined our Vista design with the help our friends at Needle in a Haystack. These watercolor rehearsal dinner invitations were a modern nod towards their South Carolina Aquarium venue. They opted for contemporary fonts that have never looked better while dressed up in our Silver Shine foil; all paired against a navy wash background. Our Dixon pattern as the envelope liner printed in Slate and Sky was the perfect compliment to this subtly aquatic set.

Modern watercolor rehearsal dinner invitations from Smock

Modern watercolor rehearsal dinner invitations from Smock

Foil stamping color: Silver Shine | Digital ink colors: Navy | Fonts: Gothic and Revival | Design: Vista | paper: 1 ply white bamboo | Liner: Dixon pattern in Slate and Sky | size: S-6 | customization: 38022 | Needle in a Haystack

Pastel Bat Mitzvah invitations

We completely transformed our Vista design to create Rachel’s pastel Bat Mitzvah invitations. An ever-so-subtle wash of digitally printed sea mist ink gave a soft, ocean-like look to the main invitations, while gold matte foil highlighted Rachel’s name and gave a glowing effect to the tiny stars sprinkled throughout the design. A striped watercolor envelope liner featured a gradient effect starting with varying shades of blue at the bottom and transitioning to the palest shade of purple at the top. 

Pastel Bat Mitzvah invitations from Smock Pastel Bat Mitzvah invitations from Smock 32687_A11A7042

digital inks: sea mist + pool | foil color: gold matte | fonts + design: festus; Vista  | paper: 1-ply white | size: S-8 + S-5 | envelope liner: watercolor 1 pattern digitally printed in lilac + gossamer + sea mist + sky + pool inks | customization #32687 | LS Amster Company

Smock featured by Weddings in Houston Magazine

The new issue of Weddings in Houston magazine is available today, and their stationery picks are a must-see! They highlighted six different invitation trends, including colorful florals, jewel tones, watercolors, vintage romance, art deco details, and modern metallics. Our Ashbourne invitation suite (with its pink vintage rose patterned envelope liners) was included with the florals, while our Vista suite was showcased in the collection of watercolor designs. Ingalls, a monogrammed suite with letterpress and foil details, was featured alongside a feminine selection of vintage invitations, and our modern Bloomsbury design was matched up with other modern foil stamped designs. Many thanks to Weddings in Houston for the feature! 

Weddings in Houston summer 2016Weddings in Houston summer 2016 stationery feature Weddings in Houston summer 2016 stationery feature Weddings in Houston summer 2016 stationery feature