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Olive green letterpress moving cards

When a stationery shop owner moves, you know they’re going to have stylish moving announcements! Recently we worked with Carolyn, owner of The Write Touch in Jacksonville, Florida, for her letterpress moving cards. The double-sided cards featured our Plaza calligraphy font on the front, with our lemons vintage print pattern adding a hint of flair to the back. Lined envelopes and corner rounding were chosen as finishing touches on these sophisticated cards, but our favorite detail has to be the petite paw print for Nicholas, Carolyn’s beloved golden retriever – so sweet! 

letterpress moving cards from Smock letterpress moving cards from Smock letterpress moving cards from Smock

letterpress ink: olive | fonts + design: barnes + plaza, Donegal | paper: 1-ply white bamboo | size: S-5SQ | envelope liner: olive tree vintage print pattern | patterned backing: lemons vintage print pattern | customization #33389 | The Write Touch

Luggage inspired letterpress moving announcements

Our suitcase motif added a fun design element to these text-based letterpress moving announcements. The Perry family chose a luggage inspired theme for their mocha moving announcements, and encouraged recipients to visit at their new home in Nashville. The end result? Sweet and simple. 

Luggage inspired letterpress moving announcements

letterpress ink: mocha | fonts: fitch + woodville | paper: 1-ply white | size: S-6 | customization #24709 | Georgia Ann’s Paperie 

Patriotic Letterpress Moving Announcements

We created these fun moving announcements for the Sonneborn family’s move from California to the nation’s capital. The folded card included a funny list of what’s in and out for the family — some of our favorites included power hoodies for power suits, and Silicon Valley for Scandal. The inside of the card shared the family’s new address, with a note to please visit soon. A custom envelope liner complete with iconic DC buildings added an extra patriotic finishing touch. 

Patriotic letterpress moving announcements Envelope liners featuring Washington, DC landmarks Patriotic letterpress moving announcements

letterpress inks: navy + cherry | fonts: Ruby + Sutton + Madox  | paper: 1-ply white | size: S-6F | envelope liners: custom submitted artwork | customization #25246 | The Dandelion Patch (Georgetown)

Preppy pineapple moving announcements

Digitally printed in pink, yellow, and navy inks, these petite moving announcements bear the universal symbol for hospitality: the pineapple. The recorded history of the hospitality pineapple dates back to the late 1400’s. At the time, pineapples were an uncommon luxury, and were displayed and served to guests to provide a warm welcome. We can’t think of a better way to invite family and friends into a new home! 

Preppy pink pineapple moving announcements from Smock

digital inks: yolk + whisper + navy | fonts: Flora + Mack | paper: 1-ply white | size: S-5 | rounded corners | pineapple motif from custom library | customization #27612 | Lovely Paperie and Gifts 

Check out Apartment Therapy for their brief history of the hospitality pineapple!