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Romantic bronze shine foil wedding invitations

Natalie and Daniel rang in the new year as newlyweds at the beautiful Bacara Resort in Santa Barbara, California. We had the pleasure of working with Events to create Natalie and Daniel’s romantic bronze shine foil wedding invitations. The couple personalized our Linden suite with a pretty vintage print and bronze shine foil for their New Year’s Eve wedding. We created an elegant foil stamped wedding invitation and a reply card (complete with cute motifs) for the main components of their suite, while their digitally printed and foil stamped website cards mimicked the romantic, vintage hydrangea pattern on their envelope liners.

Romantic bronze shine foil wedding invitationsRomantic bronze shine foil wedding invitationsRomantic bronze shine foil wedding invitations

foil color: bronze shine | digital ink color: CMYK process | fonts: submitted + Notera | paper: 2-ply +1-ply white bamboo | size: S-8 + S-5 + S-3 | Linden design | envelope liner: vintage hydrangea patterned print | customization #35750 | Events

Sneak peek: new wedding invitation designs will be here soon!

We introduced our newest wedding album at the National Stationery Show earlier this month, and we can’t wait for you to see the new designs! The album features 12 wedding invitation suites with styles ranging from modern to vintage to traditional. New fonts, patterns, and colors can be found throughout the new suites, which will be available in stores this summer. Take a look at some of our new favorites! 

Linden wedding invitation suite from Smock

Above: our new Linden suite features bronze shine foil stamping on our white bamboo paper and a leafy vintage print pattern. The foil stamped menus are printed on our 100% recycled gray paper and complement the suite beautifully! 

New Prospect wedding invitations from Smock

The new Prospect suite features another new foil color: quartz! Darker than our rose gold foil, quartz has some seriously pink shine, and pairs perfectly with our jute ink. 

SC_A11A1614 Exeter wedding invitations from Smock

The vintage prints used on our modern Exeter suite are stunning – we love the classic black letterpress printing combined with the dramatic Dutch painting look of the patterns. 

Lennon foil stamped wedding invitations from Smock

Last but not least, show-stopper Lennon draws on some of our favorite trends: painterly patterns, modern script fonts, and the perfect amount of foil. The suite pairs tawny matte foil with black letterpress printing on the wedding invitation and throughout the suite, which also includes a chic photo save the date. 

These new designs will be available on our website soon – be sure to check out our invitation gallery for even more inspiration!