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Letterpress stationery you need: which shade of blue are you?

Letterpress cards, notepads, and stationery in pretty shades of blue have been extremely popular this year, and it’s easy to see why! This on-trend color works in many different shades: a vibrant, true blue paired with crisp red and nautical patterns appeals to just about everyone, while a deeper navy and rich royal blues work well for men (or for women who like deep, rich colors!). For a fresh, feminine look, lighten things up a bit and go with turquoise. Which shade of blue are you?

Blue is one hot color for spring 2012! Check out Smock's top picks for blue stationery products this spring

1. Breakers boxes: Small $6, Medium $12, Large $18 | 2. Rhino Letterpress Cards $14 for a 6 count box | 3. Lobster Letterpress Card $4 | 4. Breakers Jotter Notepads $6 for a 2-pack | 5. Pearl Notebook $9 | 6. Phillips Boxed Offset Cards $12 for an 8 count box | 7. Talt Notebook $9 | 8. Chatham Scratchpad $7 

All Smock goods are made around Syracuse, New York with the planet in mind: our notebooks and notepads use 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper, and our greeting cards are printed on our exclusive (and sustainable) bamboo paper.

Save the world: honeybee collapse

We’re thrilled to introduce our new “change the world” letterpress card series, where we’ll donate 100% of profits to a critical environmental issue. The first card in our series is called Sunflower, and will benefit the Pesticide Action Network North America (PANNA).

Here’s the problem: Honey bees are in trouble — colonies have been collapsing mysteriously and adult bees are disappearing. The problem started in the mid 2000’s and is known as “Colony Collapse Disorder,” and researchers believe that pesticides, habitat loss, pathogens and immune system damage are factors that may be causing the collapse.

Why you should care: Of the 100 crops that provide 90% of the world’s food supply, over 70 of those crops are pollinated by bees. In the United States alone, the bees’ contribution is valued at over $15 billion, and this vital industry is on the verge of collapse.  One out of every three bites of food are dependent on honey bees for pollination, so government action is critical to help the colonies recover.

Take action now:

  • Sign this petition to help protect the bees. By doing so, you will encourage the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to enforce restrictions (such as not spraying while pollinator-dependent crops are in bloom) and to take action against pesticides that are toxic to the honey bees. 
  • Get informed: learn more at PANNA.
  • Start your own bee-friendly garden: Grow plants (like sunflowers!) to help the bees out. Download this handy brochure from PANNA for some bee-friendly gardening tips.
  • Make a contribution: help PANNA continue their program work by making a direct contribution, or purchase our sustainably printed Sunflower cards — 100% of profits will be donated to PANNA to help save the honeybees, and organic, locally grown sunflower seeds are included with the cards for you to plant.

Smock's first card in their "Change the World" letterpress card series, Sunflower. 100% of proceeds from the card sales will be donated to the Pesticide Action Network.

Smock exhibits in New York City this week

Stop on by our booth at the New York International Gift Fair for an explosion of color August 13th to 18th. You can go home with beautiful Smock buttons or a DIY pinwheel kit, both made from our signature gift wrap. You will also witness our new letterpress and offset cards for September 2011—available NOWHERE else…yet! Careful the ink may still be wet on these ones. We hope to see you at booth #4162 at the Jacob Javits center during the show. Smock NYIGF Booth 2011

National Stationery Show – Sneak Peek!

While we travel to New York and get the final preparations for the National Stationery show underway, we couldn’t resist sharing a little sneak peek at our latest designs. We’ve got all new additions to our ever-popular gift wrap and letterpress greeting card collections, plus all new notebooks, letterpress scratch pads and more! Oh, and we’ve got a completely re-imagined and beautifully inspired new letterpress wedding album, too. If you’re walking the show, swing by booth 2241 to check out the goods or stay tuned in the coming weeks for the full collection!

New Smock Everyday Stationery + Paper Goods

Recently unveiled at the National Stationery Show and the New York International Gift Fair, today we’re excited to introduce you to our latest eco stationery and paper goods from our Everyday collection! Just in time for back to school season, our new letterpress greeting cards, eco gift wrap, gift bags, eco sticky notes, patterned boxes, letterpress notepads, pocket-sized notebooks (and more!) can be found on our website and at Smock retailers worldwide.

Eco Sticky Notes
Our new eco sticky notes are bright and vibrant, featuring 700 sticky notes made from 100% post consumer recycled paper. They are FSC certified and made locally here in Upstate New York.

New Jotter Notebooks
Our jotter notebooks come in a set of two coordinating jotters with 40 pages each. They are made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper with covers made from our signature gift wrap and letterpress printed with the word “notes.” We keep them in our pockets, our purses and at our fingertips for jotting down great ideas.

New Letterpress Notepads
Our pretty new letterpress memo notepads feature letterpressed bamboo paper covers + 90 blank interior pages made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper.

New Patterned Eco Boxes

Acid-free and made from 100% post consumer recycled materials right here in Upstate New York, our new eco boxes come in three sizes and a variety of patterns and colors. They are perfect as gift boxes, keepsakes boxes and as stylish storage solutions. How will you use yours?

New Eco Gift Bags
Our new eco gift bags are truly one of a kind. They are made for us in the Himalayan forests of Nepal by a really cool community-owned group devoted to sustainable forestry. They are FSC certified and silkscreen printed on handmade lokta paper – they’re also sturdy enough for re-use! These bags are made using papermaking techniques that have been around since the 12th century A.D.

New Letterpress Greeting Cards
More of our letterpress greeting cards you know and love, our new cards feature all new occasions including happy new home, baptism, bar/bat mitzvah, pet sympathy, and graduation in additional to perennial favorites such as happy birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, baby, wedding and engagement greeting cards. All of our greeting cards are sustainably letterpress printed on our bamboo paper and come paired with patterned envelopes.

New Eco Gift Wrap Patterns
A long time Smock favorite, our eco gift wrap is made from 100% post consumer recycled paper and features colorful double-sided patterns. We’ve introduced six new patterns all perfect for the upcoming holiday season and occasions beyond.

Stay tuned for even more great new designs and updates!

Smock Everyday – New Letterpress Designs for 2009

This upcoming week at the National Stationery Show, visitors to Smock’s booth {2741} will have the opportunity to check out all of the exciting new additions to our Smock Everyday collection. New designs include 9 fresh additions to our gift wrap collection, all fun double-sided patterns environmentally printed on 100% post-consumer paper as well as numerous new letterpress greeting cards and letterpress note cards, printed on beautiful bamboo paper and paired with hand-lined bamboo envelopes. Thinking about the holidays already? You’re in luck, because so are we! By popular demand, Smock will introduce several new holiday greeting cards, gift tags and gift wraps at the stationery show so you can take care of all your holiday gift-giving needs in stylish eco-friendly fashion. All of our new designs will be available for sale on our website by the end of May and at select retailers nationwide.

New Smock Everyday Designs for 2009 National Stationery Show

Brand new letterpress greeting cards! Happy birthday, love, and more

We just released 21 new letterpress greeting cards, all letterpressed sustainably on bamboo paper, and each with sweetly patterned lined envelopes. They’re the first greeting cards to be letterpressed on eco-friendly bamboo paper (hooray!), and the collection includes happy birthday cards, valentine’s day love cards, sympathy cards, congratulations cards (perfect for baby or engagements or weddings), and mother’s day cards. See the whole letterpress greeting collection – and buy your favorites! – at Here are a few of our favorites. Enjoy!
Letterpress stationery + letterpress cards - Smock
Letterpress greeting card - happy birthday - by Smock

Letterpress happy birthday greeting card - by Smock

Letterpress greeting card - valentine's day love - by Smock

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