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Witty foil stamped New Year’s cards guaranteed to make you smile

We can’t wipe the grin off our faces while reading the clever greeting on these foil stamped New Year’s cards made with the help of Sweet Paper. With such a glamorous, celebratory front printed in Green Shine and Gold Shine foil, the back printed in simple, clean Black letterpress added an unexpectedly charming twist to the card. The pearl pattern envelope liner printed in Green Shine was a perfect addition in the way it mimics the bubbles of freshly poured champagne when the clock turns to midnight on New Year’s Eve!

Foil stamped New Year's cards from Smock

Foil stamped New Year's cards from Smock

Letterpress ink colors: Black | Foil colors: Green Shine and Gold Shine | Fonts: Revival, Lavish, Greenaway | Design: Custom Library | Paper: 2 ply white bamboo | Size: S-6 | Liner: Pearl pattern in Green Shine Customization: 31447 | Sweet Paper

Merry Everything Custom Tri-fold Holiday Cards

These gorgeous tri-fold holiday cards from Paperista feature double-sided digital printing and festive green shine foil stamping. A custom black polka dot envelope liner matched the playful polka dots on the front of the cards, which included a beautiful, digitally printed family photo.

Custom photo tri-fold holiday cards from Smock

foil color: green shine | digital printing: cmyk process | fonts: fitch + madox | paper: 1-ply white | sizes: S5TF | envelope liners: submitted pattern in black | customization #: 20625 | Paperista

Merry Everything – Green Foil Holiday Cards

We love the wording featured on these foil stamped holiday cards. We wish a “Merry Everything and Happy Always” to our friends at Paperista — along with a big thank you for sending over this amazing customization!

foil: green shine | fonts: inigi + clermont calligraphy font | paper: 2-ply white | printing: foil | edge paint: cherry | size: S6 Plymouth Die | customization #: 16209 |