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Sea glass inspired Keira wedding invitations

A beautiful array of soft blues and greens were featured together on this sea glass inspired version of our Keira invitation. Sarah and Robert chose letterpress printing in azure ink for the main text on their invitations, which added texture to the colorful, digitally printed piece. We duplexed the invitation and added azure edge paint to make the piece more substantial. Reply cards and event cards were printed to match, and a custom watercolor envelope liner added an extra layer of color to this unique invitation set. 

Custom sea glass inspired wedding invitations from Smock  25319_A11A8089Custom sea glass inspired wedding invitations from Smock with custom watercolor envelope liners

letterpress ink: azure | digital inks: azure + robin egg + sky + sea mist + emerald + ocean | fonts: Lawrence + Hutton | paper: 1-ply + 2-ply white | size: S-6 + S-5 | edge paint: azure | envelope liners: custom watercolor liner | customization #25319 | Paperista