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Minimalist navy letterpress wedding invitations

Kyle and Nicholas customized our Chapman design for their springtime wedding at Current at Chelsea Piers. We printed their taupe and navy letterpress wedding invitations on our white bamboo paper. Sleek fonts, a square shape, and a simple striped envelope liner completed the minimalist, modern look that the couple was going for.

Modern square wedding invitations from Smock
Modern navy letterpress wedding invitations from Smock
Modern navy invitations from Smock
Striped envelope liners + letterpress invitations by Smock

letterpress inks: taupe + navy |  font: greenaway | paper: 1-ply + 2-ply white | size: S-8SQ + S-5SQ + S-5 |envelope liners: stripe 2 pattern in taupe + navy | customization #26138 | Judy Paulen Designs