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Wrap Like a Pro: Gift Wrapping Tips from Jolie Colis

We’ve got another special how-to post to share with you today from Carol at Jolie Colis! Last month we shared a beautiful set of gifts featuring our pastel Seersucker gift wrap, and today we’ve got another how-to featuring our Garden Path gift wrap for an extra pretty present! This approach would be perfect for a birthday gift or Mother’s day (which is Sunday, May 12!).

Carol from Jolie Colis put together this pretty DIY gift wrap tutorial using Smock's double-sided gift wrap
You will need:
  • Garden Path gift wrap (or your favorite double-sided gift wrap from our collection!)
  • Glue dots or double-sided tape
  • Broad satin ribbon
  • Narrow satin ribbon
  • An ornamental charm*
  • Sticky gems and pearls*
    *Available in the scrapbooking or jewelry-making section of most craft shops
1. Wrap your box with one side of the gift wrap. Then, cut a strip of paper for a contrasting “belt” to go around the box. The width of the belt is up to you, but we recommend making it a little wider than your broad ribbon.
2. Wrap the contrasting paper belt around the box and secure it on the bottom with a glue dot or double-sided tape.
3. Cut two pieces of the narrow ribbon and wrap them around the box over the belt margin. Secure on the bottom with a glue dot or double-sided tape.
4. Cut a generous piece of the broad ribbon and make a big lush bow, tying on the ornament.
5. Finish with some bling: the little gems and pearls that we used have sticky backs, so they’re easy to add as a finishing touch!
Carol from Jolie Colis guest blogged with Smock to show how to create an exquisitely wrapped gift with just a few special touches
Many thanks to Carol from Jolie Colis for sharing these amazing gift wrapping tips with us today — be sure to stop by Jolie Colis for even more gift wrapping inspiration!