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National Stationery Show Part I – The Booth Design!

We’re so excited to show off our National Stationery Show booth now that we’re home and recovering from the excitement of the show. Conceptualizing our booth and thinking about how we can best show off all of our exciting new products is always a long process, so seeing it come together is really rewarding. Here’s a little look at setup day and the finished booth design… Here’s what the booth looked like when we showed up. Our 10′ by 30′ space is consumed by our two large shipping crates and an oversized boom lift that decided that our booth looked like a cozy place to hang out for a bit. 20 minutes later, the space is cleared out and we’re ready for set up! A little while later, our flooring is down and the walls of our booth are being constructed… …it doesn’t take long before co-owner Harold is feeling a little loopy from playing with bolts and nuts and framing. (He actually loves setup, don’t let him fool you.) A bit later, the walls go up! After our wall framing is up, it’s time for the canvas panels that form the walls of our booth. Then, the shelving goes up and we start merchandising product. (Making time for a little lunch and a little fun along the way.) And just like that (or, really, several hours later) here’s what we had… So there you have it! Stay tuned next week for more highlights from the show, including a fun tutorial on how to make the paper flowers we used all over the booth. (We made more than 100 of them from our double-sided recycled wrapping papers!) They were such a hit we promised to share the how-to so everyone can make their own. Happy weekend!