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Smock letterpress cards in Body + Soul, More, and Green Daily

What a thrill to find Smock’s Garden letterpress thank you cards in this month’s issue of Body + Soul! I don’t read a whole of magazines, but Body + Soul is one of the few that I subscribe too (in part because I really want a Life Coach!) — I love their laid back, eco approach and recipes involving kale. Body + Soul writes, “The newly launched Smock makes its quirk graphic letterpress stationery from sustainable bamboo paper printed with vegetable, low-VOC inks.” We also were excited to have our Delft letterpress notecards in the December 2008 / January 2009 issue of More magazine (they call us “pretty and principled,”) and to see Smock as the tip of the day at Green Daily (they featured our holiday cards — hooray!).
Smock letterpress thank you cards in Body + Soul
Smock letterpress cards in More magazine