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Colorful Bar Mitzvah invitation booklets

We worked with Simply Put to create this memorable grommeted invitation for Lewis’ Bar Mitzvah celebration in Atlanta. These colorful Bar Mitzvah invitation booklets contain captured moments from the family’s trip abroad paired with sweet annotations commenting about their experience. There is something to be said for an invitation that engages the guest in an interactive way and serves as a keepsake at the same time. After creating this unique set, we are confident that this was an unforgettable celebration!

Colorful Bar Mitzvah invitation booklets from Smock

Colorful Bar Mitzvah invitation booklets from Smock

Colorful Bar Mitzvah invitation booklets from Smock

Letterpress ink color: Azure | Digital ink colors: CMYK + Azure | fonts: Submitted Design | paper: 1 ply white bamboo | size: S-6SQ | customization: 35263 | Simply Put

Texas Longhorns inspired Bar Mitzvah invitations

We worked with Mieke at Simply Put to create these iconic Bar Mitzvah invitations for Jordan’s December celebration. The party was held in Atlanta at the College Football Hall of Fame, and the invitations helped set the tone with details inspired by Jordan’s favorite team — the Texas Longhorns. Thoughtful touches were included throughout this modern set — we loved the play-on-words used on some of the pieces, like the “kickoff” for the Friday evening services, and “hook ’em” for the Saturday night party card. Guests were asked to share their favorite college team on the reply card, a detail that was incorporated as a final touch at the actual event. 

Copper foil stamped Bar Mitzvah invitationsTexas Longhorns inspired Bar Mitzvah invitations designed by Simply Put and printed by Smock Copper foil stamped Bar Mitzvah invitations

letterpress ink: black | foil color: copper shine | fonts + design: custom submitted artwork | paper: 2-ply + 1-ply white | size: S-8SQ + S-6SQ + S-5 + S-5SQ + B1 | customization #30143 | Simply Put

Simply Put simply knows letterpress!

This beautiful, and hardly “simple” custom design paired with a custom neon pink ink made one of the more dynamic letterpress sleeves we’ve seen yet. This was one of those letterpress invitation sets that got passed around from hand to hand, met by a series of “oohs” and “aahs.” Thanks so much to Simply Put by Ashley Woodman for all their hard work!

ink: navy + custom neon | fonts: custom submitted | paper: 2-ply white | printing: letterpress | letterpress sleeve, custom artwork | invitation size: s-7 seeve |

custom neon letterpress wedding invitations