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Amy Graham Stigler’s Monograham Paper Boutique Celebrates 2 Year Anniversary!

We’re sending lots of happy birthday wishes to Monograham Paper & Gifts as the shop turns two today! Monograham is a carefully curated paper and gift boutique owned by Smock’s Creative Director, Amy Graham Stigler, and located in the heart of historic downtown Delafield, Wisconsin. The shop offers a lovely selection of stationery and letterpress cards, soaps, perfume, jewelry, books, frames, and more from many small independent businesses. Amy sources both local and national artisans to offer an inspired, eclectic mix of handcrafted goods. Here’s a peek inside Amy’s beautiful stationery boutique!

Letterpress card designer Amy Graham Stigler, creative director of Smock and owner of Monograham Paper, poses in her Delafield, WI paper boutique

Amy Graham Stigler, Creative Director of Smock, owns Monograham Paper & Gifts, a curated stationery & gift boutique in Delafield, WI

Check out the design studio of Smock's Creative Director, Amy Graham Stigler

Monograham Paper & Gifts is a stationery & gift shop in Delafield Wisconsin

Today we’re celebrating from afar, but we hear there’s a party going on in Delafield! Here are a few photos from last year’s celebration — doesn’t the festive decor make you wish you were there!? If you’re in the area, be sure to stop by today for Monograham’s two year anniversary celebration!

Monograham Paper celebrates their 2 year anniversary today!

Smock Real Party – Cyd’s Bridal Shower

Our first Smock Real Party feature is particularly near and dear to my heart because the party was none other than my very own bridal shower! Hosted last month by my incredible bridesmaids, we shared an amazing day of great food, even greater friends and amazing sunshine. What more could a girl ask for? And to be perfectly honest, the lovely women in my life far surpassed any expectations I could have had and then some. It was a truly wonderful and memorable day.

Smock Real Party - Cyd's Bridal Shower

I will admit that it was a bit awkward for me to be banished from helping with shower preparations. I am very much hands on when it comes to social occasions and being on board to help with baking, cooking and logistics, but this time I wasn’t allowed to know anything aside from where and when to be. Upon arriving a few minutes before the other guests, the first thing I noticed were huge trays of cupcakes and tons of white roses. Two of my favorite things in life? Cupcakes and white roses. I knew right then and there it was going to be a great day.

Smock Real Party - Cyd's Bridal Shower

And the food! There was such a spread of food it makes me smile just thinking about all the effort that went into creating this feast. (I am told it involved color-coded spreadsheets and the aide of Google Docs to bring it all together!) Lots of fresh fruit and miniature sandwiches, bruschetta and caprese skewers, pasta salad and cheesecake, it was sincerely the best food I’ve had since the last of the holiday cookies were eaten up this winter.

Smock Real Party - Cyd's Bridal Shower

I absolutely adored the favors the girls dreamed up for all of the guests – tiny flowering plants potted in petite little terra cotta pots. During the party they served as added decor and afterward each guest had a little plant to take home to their garden. It was such a fabulous idea! Truly, no detail was forgotten. From fresh mimosas as guests arrived to little slips of paper at each seat asking each guest to impart a bit of a wisdom, it was such a special time for me to spend with the women closest to me prior to our wedding in July. Even my favorite colors, foods and flowers and my love for monograms were taken into consideration for a day that was infused with incredibly thoughtful personal details. It is certainly a day I will long remember – thank you to all of the ladies who made such an incredible day possible!

Do you have an upcoming event? A great birthday party or anniversary celebration? Email and we’d love to feature it on our Smock blog!