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4th of July Inspired Gift Wrap Ideas

Wrap gifts or create festive 4th of July decor with several of our new gift wrap styles! We created a stacked set of red, white & blue gifts using the starry gold & white side of our new Golden Tree wrap, the red striped side of our Berries wrap, and the bright blue patterned side of our Breakers wrap. To finish it off we fashioned a festive firework-inspired gift topper by curling strips of our Chatham and Breakers wraps (just cut strips and use scissors to curl like curling ribbon!).

4th of July inspired gift wrap from Smock

4th of July inspired gift wrap from Smock

4th of July inspired gift wrap from Smock

Ombre Gift Wrapping Ideas

Create a cute ombre effect by using some of our newest double-sided gift wrap! We created a peachy ombre effect on this tiered stack of gifts by using the single-color sides our Shimmer, Jute and Papaya gift wraps. We tied everything together with a sheer white ribbon and topped it off with one of our shiny silver foil gift labels for a polished finish. These look almost too pretty to open, don’t you think?

Smock foil stamped gift labels + gift wrap

Create an ombre gift wrapping effect with 3 sheets of Smock gift wrap

DIY Pins with Smock Gift Wrap: Guest Post from the Little Yellow Couch

We’ve got  a fun DIY featuring our double-sided gift wrap to share today that was recently shown on the Little Yellow Couch! These pins are a cute way to show a little love, or could even be used as prize ribbons. Check out the DIY instructions to make your own!

Smock DIY ribbon / rosette pins from the Little Yellow CouchSmock DIY rosette pins from the Little Yellow CouchSmock DIY rosette pins from the Little Yellow CouchFanClubBrooch.jpg



  1. Gather your supplies.
  2. Cut a strip of double-sided gift wrap 2″ wide by 24″ long.
  3. Accordion fold the paper in about 1/2″ wide folds continuing the length of the paper strip.
  4. Apply the glue stick to both 2″ ends and glue together creating a cylinder.  Allow to dry for a few minutes.
  5. Flatten cylinder to create a circular medallion.  Using your glue gun, apply a small dot of hot glue in the center of the medallion and hold circle together for a few seconds to allow glue to harden.
  6. Using your 2 1/2″ round punch, cut two circles out of the gift wrap.  Using your glue gun, adhere one circle to each side of the medallion.  We chose to use the opposite design on each side.
  7. Cut a 6″ piece of ribbon and notch one end.
  8. Glue ribbon and pin to the back of the medallion.
  9. If you’d like, print Little Yellow Couch’s Fan Club Titles on card stock.  Using your 2″ round punch (or scissors), cut out the circle.  Glue to the center of the front of your medallion.
  10. Go make someone’s day!

Here’s a printable PDF with step by step instructions. Many thanks to the Little Yellow Couch for sharing this cute DIY with us!

Happy 4th Birthday, Gus & Ruby!

In August, we had the opportunity to be a part of Gus and Ruby’s 4th Birthday! We wanted to share some of the amazing photos taken by Emilie Inc Photography from the event. I jumped on the chance to travel to Portsmouth, New Hampshire to help them celebrate, and what fun we had! Samantha and Whitney are some pretty incredible ladies, and their impeccably curated store shows their passion and knowledge for beautiful paper goods. The space was dressed to the nines for the event, complete with a huge display of Smock product, a treats table (did someone say Blueberry Lemonade Popsicles?), and a pinwheel craft station. All in all, it was a perfect way to celebrate 4 successful years of business….here’s to 40 more!  

Smock teamed up with Gus & Ruby to celebrate their 4th birthday Gus & Ruby's 4th birthday party with Smock

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