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Sophisticated foil stamped holiday cards

Lauri Lawrence worked with P.S. The Letter to create her sophisticated foil stamped holiday cards last year. They opted for our Red Shine foil which made for a bolder and festive statement, while at the same time remaining classic due to their more traditional font choices. To give this holiday set a little something extra, they decided to add a scarlet metallic envelope liner with our Windsor pattern foil stamped in Gold Shine. It’s clear that our Cooper design has never looked better! 

Sophisticated foil stamped holiday cards from Smock

Sophisticated foil stamped holiday cards from Smock 

Foil stamping color: Red Shine | Fonts: Spence + Mason | Design: Cooper | Paper: 2 ply white bamboo | Size: S-8 | liner: Metallic Scarlet with Windsor Pattern in Gold Shine | Design: Cooper | Customization: 36732 | P.S. The Letter