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Playful foil stamped holiday cards with colorful envelope liner

We couldn’t think of a better way to get back into the holiday spirit than with these playful foil stamped holiday cards! It’s hard not to smile while looking at those two cuties. Instead of using typical holiday colors, they changed it up by using a varying color palette for an extra touch of festive fun. The Fleming envelope liner pattern was a perfect compliment to the confetti pattern adorning the Collin’s design. We have no doubt this sweet family’s year was filled with nothing but love and laughter! 

Playful foil stamped holiday cards from Smock

Playful foil stamped holiday cards from Smock

Foil stamping color: Gold Matte | Digital Color: CMYK | Fonts: Darling | Design: Collins | paper: 1 ply white bamboo | size: S-6 | customization: 31139 | liner: Fleming pattern in CMYK | Bella Figura NYC