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Wedding Stationery Timeline Cards from Ipanema Press!

Our Smock Dealers are always dreaming up amazing things for us to print! We usually see lots of wedding invitations, save the dates, and social stationery, but from time to time we’ll get a unique project like this one from Ipanema Press in Cold Spring Harbor, New York. Adrienne shared the inspiration for these cute accordion style stationery timeline cards – a helpful piece that she bundles up with baker’s twine (like a little present!) for her brides and grooms.

Letterpress Wedding Stationery timeline cards for Ipanema Press

We love to offer our brides gorgeous custom designs and also keep them organized and on track! When planing a wedding there are so many projects to juggle. This pocket sized stationery timeline is a great reminder for when items should be ordered and when to mail them out. My clients love to know what projects are next on the list and are always so thrilled when every task is completed in time!

We specialize in custom illustration, so we definitely wanted to include samples of that on this special piece. We love to experiment with different colors and thought this neon peachy pink was especially gorgeous. With letterpress you are able to print these amazingly vivid shades that you just can’t achieve digitally, so we wanted to take advantage of that!

Letterpress Wedding Stationery timeline cards for Ipanema Press  Letterpress Wedding Stationery timeline cards for Ipanema Press

letterpress ink: (custom) pantone 912  | fonts: submitted | paper: 1-ply white | sizes: 15 x 4 custom accordion fold (3 x 4 when folded) | customization #24115 | Ipanema Press