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DIY Gift Wrap Tutorial with Guest Blogger Carol from Jolie Colis

We’ve got a special treat to share with you today! Carol from Jolie Colis — a talented gift wrapper with an amazing local boutique here in Syracuse that offers custom gift wrapping for special occasions — put together some tips and tricks for how to create a gorgeous gift. We love this stacked set of gifts featuring our pastel Seersucker wrap that Carol put together — it would be perfect for a baby shower, spring holiday gift or even a birthday present!

Double-sided gift wrap from Smock is perfect for stacked gifts -- alternate the different sides of the gift wrap to create a unique yet cohesive look

You will need:

  • Seersucker gift wrap (or your favorite double-sided gift wrap from our collection!)
  • Glue dots or double sided tape
  • Metallic thread*
  • Narrow ribbon in a coordinating color
  • An ornamental charm*
  • Sticky gems and pearls*
    *Available in the scrapbooking or jewelry-making section of most craft shops
How to:
1. Wrap the gifts, alternating the paper patterns.
2. Center your gifts in order of size, and secure them together with a glue dot (it’ll be easier to handle this way). Tip: keep the pattern size proportional to the gift size (small gift, small pattern).
3. After you’ve secured the gifts together, wind the thread around the stack several times, criss-crossing to create an interesting pattern. Secure with a knot on the top.
4. Add the narrow ribbon on top in a traditional windowpane pattern. Thread the ornament on as you’re tying the bow (we used a small pearl).
5. Add some bling — the little gems and pearls that we used have sticky backs, so they’re a lot easier to use than they look!
6. For a finishing touch, try our new foil gift labels — for this gift, we stuck two labels together back-to-back and punched a hole to create a tag effect.
Double-sided gift wrap from Smock was used for this pretty present, complete with metallic thread, pink ribbon and tiny gems
Big thanks to Carol for sharing this fun DIY gift wrap project with us today! Be sure to check out the Jolie Colis blog for even more gift-wrapping inspiration!