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Wedding Favors Go Green: Help Save Rainforests with Amazon Conservation Association and Smock

We were thrilled to learn that the Amazon Conservation Association, one of the environmental groups that Smock supports, has started encouraging couples to bypass traditional wedding favors at their receptions and go eco instead. Instead of candied almonds, personalized mix CDs or other traditional less-green “keepsakes” for your guests, why not help save the Amazon rainforests (and help slow global warming) instead? For a $5 donation per guest, you can thank your loved ones with a contribution to help protect the Amazon. Couples will receive one beautiful favor card per two guests, sustainably letterpressed on our bamboo paper, to display on tables at their reception explaining how your donation has helped create a better livelihood for local communities and to help conserve the biological diversity of the Amazon basin. Because Smock wants to support the good work that ACA is doing, we donated the design and letterpress printing of the favor cards, which are based on our Engadine letterpress wedding invitations. Smock will gladly personalize these favor cards for free for those couples who have chosen Smock for their letterpress wedding invitations.

Letterpress wedding favor card - Amazon Conservation Association - printed by Smock

The Amazon rainforest is home to 30% of the plant and animal species on Earth and additionally, 20% of all fresh water on the planet flows through the basin’s rivers. Recognizing the importance of the Amazon rainforest to the greater ecological systems of the world as a source of countless foods, fibers and potential new medicines, the ACA works to protect these invaluable forests as they are facing increasing threats from slash and burn agriculture, wildlife poaching, mining, illegal logging, oil prospecting, and large development projects. Rainforests are also a vital force in shaping the world’s weather and climate patterns with the UN citing that 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions are related to tropical deforestation. It is estimated that at current rates, more than half of the Amazon rainforest may be destroyed or severely damaged by 2030. ACA is working together with local communities and partner organizations throughout the region to protect these precious forests.

Gold edging on Engadine wedding favor card - Smock

How does your tax deductible donation help?

Your $25 donation can:

  • Help a Brazil nut harvester achieve organic certification
  • Plant 50 trees in a highland Andean community

Your $50 donation can:

  • Help a community build a tree nursery for reforestation projects
  • Help a Brazil nut harvester get legal title to the land they manage
  • Sponsor an environmental education program for Peruvian schoolchildren

Your $150 donation can:

  • Help protect the habitat of the giant river otter
  • Support research on sustainable forest products such as natural dyes
  • Fund a field expedition to study the Bolivian pampas
  • Outfit a park ranger on the front lines of Amazonian conservation

Your $500 donation can:

  • Train the next generation of Amazonian scientists: sponsor a Peruvian student’s research at one of our field stations
  • Support clean power for Amazonian science: buy a solar panel to boost power at the Amazon’s most active research station
  • Track long-term trends in Amazonian animal communities: support a month of surveys in the Los Amigos Conservation Concession

Your $1,000 donation can:

  • Protect forest habitat for jaguars
  • Help an indigenous community preserve its ancestral lands
  • Buy a laptop for the Amazon’s most active research station, providing a young Peruvian researcher access to the Internet and online scientific literature
  • Strengthen the front lines of Amazonian conservation: provide two months of salary and benefits for a park ranger at the Los Amigos Conservation Concession

You can learn more about the ACA’s environmental partners on their website and for more information about wedding favor donations and receiving your own letterpress favor cards through the ACA and Smock, contact Gena at