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Avignon inspired gold foil wedding invitations

We worked with Write on Sarasota to create these Avignon inspired gold foil wedding invitations for Hannah and Zachary. They kept the gold foil border as well as the font combination from the original design. However, they changed the design up by incorporating Raspberry letterpress to each piece within the suite. The raspberry ink certainly adds a pop of unexpected color in all the right places. Finally, the gold matte envelope liner in our Narcissus pattern brought in a botanical element to this set.

Letterpress ink colors: Raspberry | Foil color: Gold Matte | | Fonts: Worthington + Bellissima | Design: Avignon | paper: 2 ply Smooth Cotton White | size: S8 | liner: narcissus pattern in gold matte | customization: 42351 | Write on Sarasota